How to Configure VPN in Linksys

I am configuring one of the servers as a VPN server as per Microsoft Tech net's "how to". The server is multi-homed with two NIC cards. I selected the NIC that I have designated for VPN use during the Routing and Remote Access setup wizard. After the wizard completed, the server became completely disconnected from the network. Although both NIC card status indicates "connected", I am unable to ping the server either by computer name or IP address, and it won't connect to the internet.

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Configuring a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on a Linksys router can be useful in securing your network connections and allowing remote access to your home or office network. Whether you are looking to establish a VPN garcon or configure your router to act as a VPN customer, Linksys routers offer colourful options for VPN configuration. By following certain ways, you can enhance the segregation, security, and availability of your network.   

How Do I Configure a VPN in Linksys?

Are you wondering how to set up a VPN on Linksys Router? Well then, in this guide, we’ll give you some simple and quick ways that help you configure a VPN on the Linksys router. 
Steps to apply 

Access router’s settings - Originally you had to pierce the router’s settings by opening a web cybersurfer on a device that's connected to the Linksys router, also you have to enter the router’s IP address into the cybersurfer’s address bar, and now you have to log in to the router’s interface using the username and password. 

Navigate to VPN settings - Now that you have logged in, you have to navigate to the VPN’s settings runner. You have to look for a section named" VPN" or" VPN Pass-Through" in the router's settings menu. 

Choose VPN type - You now have to select the type of VPN you want to configure. It can be either a VPN customer or a VPN server. You will have to enter the VPN garcon's information handed by your VPN service provider if you want to select a VPN client. However, you’ll need to set up the stoner’s account, and specify protocols, If you want to select a VPN garcon. 

Configure VPN settings - You now have to enter the necessary VPN configuration details according to your chosen VPN type. This may include server addresses, authentication methods, encode settings, and other details specific to your VPN service or setup.

Test VPN connections - Now that you have configured the VPN settings, it's time to test the VPN connections to ensure it's working duly. Connect a device to your router's network attempt to establish a VPN connection using the configured settings and correct any connectivity issues if the VPN connection fails or does not perform as anticipated. 


Configuring a VPN on your Linksys router is useful for enhancing network security and enabling remote access. By following the steps discussed above, you can set up a VPN server to safely connect remote users to your network or configure your router as a VPN client to avail of external VPN services.

Linksys routers provide a variety of options for VPN configuration, enabling you to tailor the setup according to your specific requirements. Whether you're protecting your home network or ensuring safe connectivity for your business, using VPN technology on your Linksys router can offer improved network functionality.

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