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How to Configure VPN in Linksys?

I am configuring one of the servers as a VPN server as per Microsoft Tech net's "how to". The server is multi-homed with two NIC cards. I selected the NIC that I have designated for VPN use during the Routing and Remote Access setup wizard. After the wizard completed, the server became completely disconnected from the network. Although both NIC card status indicates "connected", I am unable to ping the server either by computer name or IP address, and it won't connect to the internet.

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Setup VPN on Linksys Router:

VPN is known as Virtually Private Networking is mainly used for huge corporate networks. Still home routers manufactured through Linksys which allows a perfect way to connect them network by remotely. This comes with a user interface that is able to accessible through a browser and navigates to the IP of the router.

Step-1 first you open your favourite web browser and type IP address of a Linksys Router into the address bar. The software asks its username along with password promptly.

Step-2 Now click to Security tab and then select VPN.

Step-3 then select IPSec VPN Tunnel which is given in the tunnel entry box.

Step-4 Now type the tunnel name in the textbox. This could be any name that will recognize by you.

Step-5 Choose subnet in the given list box under local secure group section. Then type an internal IP address. For small home internal networks are along with subnet mask

Step-6 Now choose the section which was labelled as remote secure gateway. This will be the remote gateway of the host which is provided especially for DSL.

Step-7 In the given key management column. Select Auto (IKE).

Step-8 In the Encryption column choose 3DES and for the authentication select SHAI.

Step-9 Make sure that your PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) should be enabled and then enter the pre-shared key password. This is your password that you prefer to make use. Now enter the lifetime value within a milliseconds.

Step-10 Apply to save the settings and close your web browser.


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