How to Connect an Access Point to a Linksys Wireless Router

Please let me know that how to connect an access point to a Linksys wireless router. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.
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An access point is a kind of device through which you can establish a wireless network in your workplace. These access points are mainly used for expanding the network's wireless coverage. To connect to an access point of a Linksys wireless router you will first have to establish a physical connection with the help of an ethernet cable.

Further access the setup page with the help of an existing web browser, IP address, and login credentials. Once the setup is complete you can connect several wireless devices to the access point and enjoy the service.

What is an Access Point?

Let us first understand the meaning of an access point. An access point is a device that establishes a wireless local area network, or WLAN, in a building or workplace. Access points are used to expand a network's wireless coverage.

It also increases the number of users that can connect to it. Users can walk freely from room to room without encountering network disruptions with access points.

Here are Some Steps to Set up the Linksys Router:

You have two options for connecting the access point to a Linksys wireless router-

1. Creating an Access Point -

Most Linksys wireless access points are configured in Access Point mode by default. By connecting an access point to a wireless router through Ethernet, you may increase the range of an existing wireless signal.

It also enables you to build a second wireless network on the same local network using the same LAN IP segment with a different SSID and channel.

2. Configure the Access Point to Act as a Wireless Repeater -

This device may be used as a wireless repeater when the Wireless Repeater mode is selected. A wireless repeater may increase the range of your wireless signal while preserving the output rate.

Steps to setup Linksys router by creating an access point-

Step 1- Even whether you have a wired or wireless router, this configuration will work. Connect the access point to one of the ports on your current wired/wireless router, then set the wireless settings on the access point.

Step 2- Enter the default IP Address in the Address bar, then press Enter to view the access point's web-based configuration page. If a new window appears, leave the User name field blank and the Password field blank, then click OK.

Step 3- Click Wireless on the web-based setup page.

Step 4- Configure the access point's SSID or wireless name. The SSID Broadcast setting should be set to Enabled so that wireless devices may discover your Linksys access point's wireless network. For differentiation, it is advised that the wireless network for the access point be given a separate name.

Step 5- Select your preferred Security Mode by clicking Wireless Security.

Steps-By-Setup Linksys Router by Configuring the Access Point to Act as a Wireless Repeater-

The Wireless Repeater mode transforms your access point into a wireless repeater, extending your signal's range.

With the following devices, the WAP54G may be used as a wireless repeater:

  • Wireless-G Access Point from Linksys (WAP54G)
  • Wireless-G Router from Linksys (WRT54G)

Two Steps are Required to Set up the Access Point as a Wireless Repeater:

Checking a Wireless Router/Access Point's Wireless MAC Address-

Go to the web-based setup page for the router. Then go to Status, then Wireless. Make note of the MAC Address. This is the wireless MAC address of your router.

Using the WAP54G in Wireless Repeater Mode-

To do so, go to the web-based setup page for the access point. Then go to AP Mode and choose Wireless Repeater. Save the settings after entering the wireless MAC address you noted before.

With these two options, you can easily set up your access point for a Linksys wireless router.

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