How to Connect Linksys Wireless Router?

Unable to connect my iphone via my linksys router. I have a WPA2 Personal not WEP security and if i try to change it it asks me to enter a key for key 1......HELP!!! Not got a clue what any of this means. I try using my password for WPA2 on iphone but the wheel just keeps spinning and it doesn't connect. My husband and I have iphones but only one can connect to network a time but my laptop connects no problem.

Connect Linksys Wireless Router:

If you keep getting "incorrect password" using your iPhone when trying to connect to a Linksys(WRT54G) Router. Try typing in the WEP "key 1" numbers (not the actual password or passphrase). They are located in the "wireless security" settings.

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Enter "admin" for both username and password (actual one NOT "key 1" numbers).

Step 3 : Go to Wireless/Wireless Security and they should be right there.

Step 4 :  If Default Transmit Key "1" is marked use "key 1" numbers if "2" is marked use "key 2" numbers etc.

Connect Linksys Wireless Router:

This is How I Resolved it for My Linksys Router it May Work as Well:

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Go to wireless tab.

Step 3 : Go to wireless security.

Step 4 : Change security mode to WEP.

Step 5 : Write a 10 digit number in the passphrase box and hit "generate".

Step 6 : Some keys get generated; I used Key 1 on the iPhone when it asks for the password and it connected immediately.

All the best!

How to Connect Linksys Wireless Router

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