How to Enable Multicast and uPNP Technology on a Netgear Wndr3300 Router

I have recently bought an amazon fire TV stick for my home but for some reason the streaming seemed sluggish and slow. I have 100 mbps router speed connection and I use a Netgear Wndr3300 router which provide enough juice for most of things in my home and they run smoothly. When this went on for a couple of days I called the Amazon people asking what the problem is and they asked me about my unPP connection settings in my router which I clearly have no idea about. Can anyone of you folks tell me what is this unPP and how does it work?

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Enable Multicast on Netgear Router:

Multitask is the transmission of data or network information from a single source of device with multiple locations. The most common applications of multicast are streaming video UPnP or Universal Play this allows to those routers which recognize and support to users that are connected network devices without any reading manual setup.

The Netgear WNDR3300 wireless router provides instant support by both multicast as well as UPnP which can be easily configured by Netgear users.

  1. Firstly open your favorite web browser as Mozilla Internet Chrome and type into the address field and then it asks for the default username and password promptly. This opens your configuration menu.
  2. Select multicast and make this enable on Netgear wireless router. Click on to the QoS setup link which is located in the advanced section of the navigation pane and then deselect the checkbox which Block multicast or as broadcast MAC address and then click to apply.
  3. Now get enables UPnP into your Netgear wireless WNDR3300 router. Then click on the UPnP link in the given advanced section of this navigation pane and then select the Turn UPnP On and then check the box and click to apply it.
  4. Then scroll the below button for the navigation pane and click for Logout it. Therefore multicast and UPnP are now getting ready to enable onto your Netgear wndr3300 router.

Hope these steps may help you better while seeking any technical advice. Users just follow these instructions step-by-step through manually and you will enjoy enabling multicast & UPNP technology on a Netgear router.

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