How to Find a Linksys Password

How can i find my linksys connection password ON my computer? Without resetting my router? Is it possible then tell me how to do that?

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Find Linksys Router Password:

Hi Nicolas, before taking action to reset a Linksys router password, take the time to check the settings of the Linksys router.You can try these steps on a computer that is connected to the router-

1) Open your web browser, and then type and press enter.

2) It will ask you for a username and password. Leave the username blank, and use "admin "as the password.

3) Then click on Wireless and then Wireless Security. You will see the wireless key on that page.

Let me know if you need any more help with it.


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Find Linksys Router Password:

There are two methods to access Linksys router password i.e., by using Linksys connect and via Linksys web-based setup page.

Both methods are extremely easy and you can use them to access Linksys router username/password. If you think your router’s security settings are compromised then change the Linksys password or reset your network device to factory defaults.

Let’s check these methods in detail -

1.Linksys Connect

Step 1 : Firstly you need to launch Linksys Connect that you have used to setup Linksys WiFi router.

Step 2 : If you don’t know how to launch Linksys Connect, then go to Start> All Programs. Here, choose “Linksys Connect”. This method is applicable only to Windows operating system.If you are using, Mac OS X, then navigate to Applications and then tap on Linksys Connect.

Step 3 : Now, go to Linksys Connect main screen and then choose “Router Settings”.

Step 4 : Next, move to Personalize section and check your router’s username and password.

Step 5 : If you want to change router’s username and password then click on Change button and modify the values.

2.Linksys Web-based Setup page

Step 1 : First of all, launch any web browser like Internet Explorer and type “” in the address bar.

Step 2 : In next step, you have to enter “admin” in the Password field box and leave the username field box empty. If you have earlier modify router’s settings then you have to enter that particular login values to access your Linksys router.

Step 3 : Now a warning prompt will display on the screen where you have to click on “OK” button.

Step 4 : In next step, move to Setup and tap on “Wireless”.

Step 5 : If configuration view is set up as “WiFi Protected Setup” then Network name and SSID will display on the same webpage.

Step 6 : In case, if the configuration view is set up as “Manual” then you will see this screen.

Step 7 : To check the security settings of Linksys router, just tap on “Wireless Security” option.

On this page, you will see Security mode and passphrase, just note down them.

Step 8 : Here, you will see your router’s SSID that is also known as network name, also note down on a paper.

Now, you have both i.e., SSID and password. If you want to change then simply modify their value and don’t forget to save changes.

Restore Linksys Router to Factory Defaults -

For restoring Linksys router to factory defaults, first, locate the Reset button and gently press it using the paperclip. You have to hold the Reset button for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, power lights will blink and at that moment release the Reset button. 

Now, wait for another 30 seconds and then unplug Linksys router from the wall. Again, wait for a few moments and plug Linksys router back in.

Now, connect your system to Linksys router through an ethernet cable. At this moment, all previous settings of Linksys router are erased and you have to reconfigure your wireless network by setting a new login credential i.e., admin username and password. 

If any error arises while changing Linksys router password then reach out at Linksys Router Technical Support Number.

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