How to Find My WiFi Password?

I forgot my dlink wifi password. How to reset or set up again this. Thanks

Find WiFi Password on Dlink Router:

Have you lost your Wi-Fi password and not remembered it? It happens mostly in the case of any router device. When you locked out a own network because users PC has suddenly forget a Wi-Fi password?

If you want to save a password then below we have described how to fix an issue by following these below simple tricks or further, a customer can reset a router device begins from a scratch.

See how to troubleshoot it.

1. Firstly open a window network connection. In fact, Windows save those passwords for a network which you have connected too. Wants to see the saved passwords then open a network Connections window and give it a right click on the network icon which is labeled as onto the System Tray.

2. Now user need to choose an Open Network and a Sharing Center. Give a one click to change adaptor settings link as situated on a left hand side of a page. As alternatively, press a key as Windows + R, and then type ncpa.cpl, and then hit the enter key to open that window.

3. Give a one right click on a wireless adaptor. This is labeled as Wi-Fi or it might have a manufacturer name. Now under the main menu bar, select a status.

4. Then open a connection property window. Give a one click on Wireless Properties. After this choose a security tab.

5. While to do this, reveal all the characters. Under the box, just check the heading that indicates as to Show Characters and a wireless password will display. If there is no opt to get reveal all characters then go to the next step that may help you better.

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Find WiFi Password on Dlink Router:

Steps may help to troubleshoot an issue to find my Wi-Fi password.

  1.  Firstly click a name as related to the Wi-Fi connection.
  2. On a wireless properties heading, a Wi-Fi windows status displays instantly.
  3. Then click a security tab and get to activate to Show Characters into the checkbox so that a customer can easily see the hidden password which is unable to show.

At last, you would find easily a Wi-Fi password of a network when you’re connected as previously. For more help, you can find this into a Network and Sharing Centre especially in Windows 7. And in Windows 8 or 10, users need to use the command prompt.

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How to Find My WiFi Password

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