How to Fix Invalid IP Address Range on Linksys Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Invalid IP address range on Linksys router. I am facing some issue in this type of router. Help me.
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If you are encountering an invalid IP address range issue on your Linksys router then it can be very frustrating as it can cause hindrance in the internet connection. Some of the things that can be done from your end to fix the issue are to log in to your account and navigate the connectivity issues.

You can also try to modify the IP address of the Linksys router and adjust the DHCP settings. Many times a simple reboot and fix a lot of problems. You can turn off the router for a few minutes and turn it back on, it will refresh the router.

So, let's quickly proceed with the two solutions.

Solutions for fixing invalid IP address range on Linksys router:

Solution 1: Check and Update the Firmware for Your Linksys Router

The following steps can be used to check the most recent firmware which is installed on your Linksys router. 

Step 1: Firstly, connect to your Linksys cloud account by accessing the router’s default IP address which is You can use any installed web browser to visit this IP address. 

Step 2: Once you open the router's admin, enter your router password now. Thereafter, click on Log in button displayed. (default password is admin)

Step 3: Next, click on the Connectivity option.

Step 4: Under the Basic tab, you can find and select the Firmware Update section. Once found, you can check the firmware version.

If you find an outdated firmware on your router, then follow the below steps to upgrade.

Step 1: The first step to update is to visit the official Linksys website at Here, you can download the latest firmware for your router by accessing this link. You will find a field to enter your respective router model number.

Step 2: Further, log into your Cloud account using the previously discussed steps. 

Step 3: Likewise, click on the Connectivity option.

Step 4: Under the Basic tab and inside the Firmware Update section, click on the Choose file button.

Step 5: Go to the download location of the router firmware, select it and then click on Open option.

Step 6: Next, click on the Start button inside the software and then click Yes button.

Step 7: Finally, wait for the firmware to install, update and then restart your router by itself.

Solution 2: Configure the Linksys Router IP Address to Fix the Error

Do you actually understand the term IP and able to relate with error fixing? Well, an Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique identifier that is four sets of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 and separated by three dots. This is pre-requisite for all devices in the network to connect to the internet. The default IP address of Linksys router is

Why you need?

By changing your router’s IP address, you can prevent IP address conflicts with your router and modem or while connecting your router to another router. To change a router’s IP address, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Initially, connect to your Linksys cloud account.

Step 2: Once logged into account, click on the Connectivity button.

Step 3: Then, select the Local Network tab.

Step 4: Next to Router Details, you will find the Edit option, click it.

Step 5: Enter the correct IP address you want to use which will lie in this following range: ( to; to; or to

Step 6: Under DHCP Server settings, you can change Start IP address to the same IP range of your router (2-254).

Step 7: Now, you have to click on the Apply button shown in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 8: Next, click on OK button shown over the pop-up message.

Step 9: Finally, power off your router for about 30 seconds and then power it on.

Implementing these above solutions, you will be able to fix the invalid IP address range on Linksys router. 

With a number of Linksys router users reporting the same invalid IP issue, it gets important to figure out an appropriate solution. As having an invalid IP address range on Linksys router will not allow you to use your router to connect to the Internet. Hence hampering your browsing experience.

Hope this article has discussed some of the best ways to fix invalid IP address range on Linksys router. Let us know your suggestions in the below comment section.

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