How to Fix Linksys Router Guest Access Not Working Issue

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Linksys router Guest access not working issue. I am facing some issue in this problem. Help me.
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Fix Linksys Router Guest Aaccess not Working Issue:

Here’s your guide to fix Linksys router Guest access not working issue using below few ways.

1. Double-Check the Allow Guest Access to Yes

  1. Set up your Linksys connect and then under the “Guest access option”, click on the “change”.
  2. Remember to check that the Allow guest access option is set to yes. Make the changes in case it's not.
  3. In the next step, Press Change and enter a password for the guest network.
  4. Now you can also choose how many visitors can access the network.
  5. Lastly, Click on Finish.

2. Confirm Your Active Internet Connection

Make sure to check if there’s any active internet connection by connecting your computer or laptop to the main wireless network. At times slow or bad internet connection might be a barrier to fix Linksys router Guest access not working issue.

Otherwise, just by disconnecting and reconnecting the wireless device to the Guest Network can help you to fix the issue.

3. Try Out Different Browsers

At times, make sure to use different browsers in order to access the internet. Even more, closing down all browser windows, then trying to reconnect to the network. Oddly, a homepage added to your browser often makes the Guest password page load properly once again.

4. Remember to Use a Guest Password

As we all know that the router and a guest password is not the same so make sure you enter a guest password. The router’s password is the administrative password of your router, while the Guest password is for wireless devices that connect to the Guest network. After you have connected to the Guest network, you will then be prompted for the password while you open a web browser. Lastly, Make sure you enter the Guest network password when getting this prompt.

A guest Wi-Fi network is useful for the owner of the network and people who use it. Guest networking allows users to access a network in seconds with very little to no setup on their half. Based on however the guest network is designed, they will access the web and native resources on the network like files, printers, and hardware peripherals.

From the administrator's purpose of read, the guest network broadens the reach of the network to guests with no need to administer a network countersign. Guest networks additionally improve security as a result of the owner will limit what guests will access, as an example, the web however not native resources. This prevents the unfolding of worms that will enter from a guest's device.

Connecting to a guest wireless network works in an identical method as connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot or the Wi-Fi at your friend's house. Guests need a network name and a guest password to access the network. Although, some of the guest networks are open, which indicate that there is no password required to access it. In such cases, the network name (SSID) is also known as Guest, Guest Wifi, CompWifi, Free Wifi, or another variation.

However, you will find the open and free Wi-Fi for guests  commonly  in malls, restaurants, parks, and different public places. And in case you transfer or download a data, then let the administrator know about it in advance. Drawing a great deal of information measures causes the whole network to abate, therefore it is often best to induce permission.

We hope the above article helped you to fix Linksys router Guest access not working issue.

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