How to Fix Linksys Router Guest Access will not Work

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Linksys router guest access will not work. I am facing some issues while accessing it. Help
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Fix Linksys Router Guest Access will not Work:

A lot of users have launched a complaint that the Guest access is not working on their Linksys router. This feature enables a user to create a separate Wi-Fi network. This gives online access to the visitors without the need of sharing the Wi-Fi password.

For this, you need to complete the setup of your Linksys router. You will be required to have two wireless network names while you set up your Linksys router. One name needs to be given to the main router and the other name should be given to the guest network.

The guest network appears as an unsecured network when you search for available wireless networks. However, it should be secured with a guest password, every time someone tries to access the network.

Here, we are going to discuss different ways that can help you get rid of the guest access not working on the Linksys router issue. So, let's get started with the solutions. 

1) Please Check That the Allow Guest Access has been Set to Yes

Below are the steps that you need to follow to check that the guest access has been set to yes. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to open Linksys connect. 

Step 2: After that go to the Guest access option and then select Change. 

Step 3: Then, you need to make sure that "Allow guest access" has been set to yes. 

Step 4: Select Change and then enter the password that is securing the network. 

Step 5: Here, you can see how many visitors can access the network. Once you are done with that, then you need to click on Finish. 

2) Please Check that You have an Active Internet Connection

There is a chance that you are encountering guest access not working on Linksys router problem because of a weak internet connection. Therefore, you must check that you have an active internet connection.

You can check this by connecting your computer or wireless device to the main wi-fi network. Otherwise, just disconnecting and then reconnecting your device to the guest network can fix your problem. 

3) Try Another Browser

There is a possibility that your internet browser is the cause of your problem. To fix this issue, you must change the web browser you are using. You can also try closing down all the browser windows and then try to reconnect to the network. 

4) Please Ensure that You have Entered the Right Guest Password

It is important for you to remember that guest passwords and router passwords are not one and the same. The router password is the administrative password whereas the guest password is the password that you need to enter when you connect your device to the guest network.

Once you get to the guest network, the next thing that you need to do is to enter the guest password. Please ensure that you enter the right password as entering the wrong password can also lead to the problem of guest access not working on Linksys router.

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