How to Fix Linksys Router Not Turning on Issue

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Linksys router not turning on issue. I am facing some issue in starting Linksys router. Help me.
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Fix Linksys Router not Turning on Issue:

Are you having an issue with your Linksys router? If yes, then there is nothing to be scared of at all as here we are available with the perfect solutions that you can apply to fix your problem. By applying these easy troubleshooting solutions, you can easily fix the problem assocated with the Linksys router.

What to Do is the Linksys Router is Not Turning On?

Apply the basic troubleshooting steps-

Mentioned below are the basic steps that you can apply to fix the Linksys router not turning on problem. 

Step 1: Let us go back to the old trick of power cycle. For that, you first need to disconnect your router from the wall outlet. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then reconnect it. You may disconnect it from all the ports and then reconnect them once again. Connect the main power wire to the power source. 

Step 2: Plase ensure that your modem is connected to the internet port of your router device. 

Step 3: Check the power supply and see if it is giving the right amount of voltage. 

Step 4: Try out different electrical outlets and strips. 

Use a 30-30-30 Reset

In case the above solution does not work for you, then you can fix your problem by using a 30-30-30 reset. However, this reset method will bring your device back to the factory default mode. 

Begin the process by holding the reset button and then pressing it. for the next 30 seconds. Disconnect the power wire from the router while pressing the reset button for the next 30 secnds. 

Firmware Upgradation

Maybe the reason why your Linksys router is not powering on is because the firmware of your router is not updated. Therefore, it is important for you to keep the firmware updated. 

Check if you have the latest firmware or not. In case, it is not updated, then you need to update it right away.

Reboot the Router and Modem 

There is a chance that your router is not turning on because of connection issues. There is a chance that the modem is not connected to the router or there is some kind of wiring issue. 

There is a chance that the router is not able to detect the connection with the modem properly. If that is the case, then you can fix the problem by rebooting the modem and router and then leave it be for the next 60 seconds. Then, your router will start working on its own. 

In case the router does not turn on even after applying all the steps mentioned above, then there is a very high possibility that the internal hardware is damaged. 

In case you are able to look at the damage below the plasting casing of your router, then you will not be required to replace it. Nevertheless, if you see a damaged component on the motherboard, then you may even have to remove the functional component and get it replaced.

The worst possible thing would be that the motherboard is damaged. If such a thing happens, then you will be forced to replace the router.

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  •   April 24, 2023