Please let me know that HOW TO FIX LINKSYS VELOP NODE NOT CONNECTING. I am facing this issue while using Linksys router. Help me.
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Linksys Velop is a breathtaking gadget that takes care of slow internet speed by extending the internet coverage across the length and breadth of your home and office. Here is a quick guide that comes explaining the possible cause of the “Linksys Velop Node not connecting” issue along with prescribing the feasible solutions for fixing the same. 

A look at possible causes in case Linksys Velop doesn’t connect 

1 - The Distant Position of the Node from the Router could be the Prime Reason

When your Linksys Velop Node is not getting paired with the primary node, you must check the position of the node with regard to your router. If you find the distance between the node and the router disproportionately large then this fairly large distance could actually be the prime culprit behind the “Linksys Velop Node not connecting” issue.

2 - Frequency Interference could be Another Root Cause  

Another reason for the Velop node not getting in sync is the Frequency Interference which is a tad common phenomenon obstructing devices to pair up and ultimately paving the way for the Velop Node not connecting scenario.   

3 - Inadequate Power Supply is also the Undermining Factor

If the power supply is accompanied by intermittent voltage fluctuations then also it may lead to the “Linksys Velop Node not connecting” issue. Even loose connections coupled with an ineffective power adapter may also be the cause of this Velop not connecting issue.     

4 - Pending Updates or Outdated Firmware might also be the Bane 

Outdated firmware has most commonly been observed as the real cause pertaining to the pairing issues of Linksys Velop. This calls for a regular upgrade of your Linksys Firmware which can certainly help them address this unwanted issue.

The Effective Troubleshooting Ways to Fix the Linksys Velop not Connecting Issue

1 - Plugging the Switch into a Proper Power Outlet

Insert the power cable of your Velop node into a power outlet that doesn’t suffer from any power failure. Also, make sure that the power adapter is functioning well and that there is no voltage issue.

2 - Inching Closer Towards Your Router can also Turn Things Around   

Move closer to the router to harness the maximum from your router as Mesh Velop networks function extremely well in the presence of strong bandwidth. You can alternatively opt to connect the Velop node using an Ethernet cable that can really address any persisting signal-related issue.

3 - A simple Power Cycle might also be the Best Solution  

If you are still facing the “Linksys Velop Node not connecting” issue then the best is to power cycle your Linksys Velop. This simply entails switching on your Linksys Velop after allowing a time of 10 minutes once the same is disconnected from the power outlet and the power cable is unplugged.  

4 - Updating the Firmware is Indeed the Panacea  

Upgrade the firmware by checking for any pending updates and make sure that the “Auto Update” feature is enabled. Here it is noteworthy that for upgrading the Linksys Firmware you have to activate the “Update” button from the “Settings Menu” of the “Linksys Admin” panel.

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