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How to Fix Netgear Router not Broadcasting WiFi Problem?

Please let me know that how to fix Netgear router not broadcasting Wi-Fi problem. I am facing some issues while doing this with Netgear router. Help me.
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Fix Netgear Router Not Broadcasting WiFi:

Netgear is one of the most prominent router brands available in the market today. These routers work really well and they are highly reliable. However, sometimes people face issues with this router. One of the common issues that users encounter is the inability to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal.

In case your Netgear broadcasting Wi-Fi is not turning on, then you need to check whether your router is receiving the internet from the internet service provider. If you see the message, "Connected, no internet", then that means your modem is not providing the connection. Connect your laptop or desktop to the router using an ethernet cable. 

How to Fix Netgear Router not Broadcasting Wi-Fi Problem-

If you are using a new router, then it is recommended to check the manual first. You will see some installation instructions in the manual. In some cases, you will be asked to install the app on your smartphone to configure the right settings. 

Netgear Nighthawk router has an app that allows you to complete the configuration, which includes the router's security, reboot feature, and channel settings. This makes the setup process easier and intuitive. In case you have skipped the installation, then you need to try it first. Start the setup process again and then install the app.

Below, we have mentioned the official instructions that will help you learn how to set up your router. 

Step 1: Connect your modem t the internet port on the back of your router using an ethernet wire. 

Step 2: After that, connect your computer to one of the ethernet ports of your router. 

Step 3: Then, turn on your router. 

Step 4: Launch your internet browser. When the LED light of your router starts glowing, type routerlogin.net in the location bar of your browser. After that, the login page will open up before you. Enter admin in the username section and password in the password section. 

Step 5: Select Advanced and then go through the setup wizard. When the setup process gets over, the router will detect your internet connection automatically. 

After that, you will be asked to change the login credentials, update firmware, and add security questions. You may even require to power cycle your network devices if you are encountering connectivity problems. When you power cycles your router, you need to shut down your device and then turn it on again. If your modem has a battery backup, then remove it and shut it down completely. 

After turning off your modem, you need to wait for 2 minutes and then turn it on again. After reconnecting it, you need to wait for at least 5 minutes to form a connection with your internet service provider. 

Your router also has a Wi-Fi button on it, which will allow a broadcast signal. This is going to appear as a Wi-Fi signal icon. Please ensure that this option is checked to make sure that everything is functioning properly. 

So, this is how you can fix Netgear router not broadcasting Wi-Fi problem.

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