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How to Install a Netgear Router with Hughes Satellite?

I recently bought a Netgear wireless router for my home as I currently work from home and require good connectivity and high internet speed all the time. The service providers in my locality does not provide any good or high-speed plans, so one of my friends suggested to connect my router with hughes satellite. The problem is I am not aware about these settings or how does this Hughes satellite work? Can anyone here help me configure my router for hughes satellite, I have already bought the modem for satellite.

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Connect Netgear Router to HughesNet Satellites -

Now technology has become modern and more advanced. Hughes Satellites is one of the best options for using the net that acts as designed. Users can easily surf through web pages more quickly and agilely without surviving any lack of time as well as speeds. In order to install a Netgear router with Hughes Satellite although modem satellite doesn't have Wi-Fi capabilities.

Thus all subscribers wants to receive the Hughes Net modem satellite however now let's discuss the configuration of a Netgear router along with Hughes Satellite which allows you to connect with a wireless network avails on top of the wired Wi-Fi network connection through Hughes Net.

Moreover, the two way to access the Hughes Net satellite internet connections the first one is an option which can be proven too cumbersome whenever it ties to router users.

Step-1 First of all turn on your Netgear router and then connect your one end to an Ethernet Cable and the other end to a satellite modem.

Step-2 with the help of an Ethernet Cable Connect it with countless ports available at the back of the Netgear Router.

Step-3 Then launch a new web browser for navigate the configuration menu for your Netgear router. This web address will be dependent on your Netgear router's model such as Netgear WPN824. An IP address is

Step-4 Then configure your basic settings of the wireless network. Now click to the wireless settings. In the SSID field type a name as your own choice for the wireless network. Then drop down the menu and click to the region and in the given mode choose g and b to pull down the menu.

Go to click for applying. By applying it at this stage your Netgear router will enable you to provide the wireless network with Hughes Net Connection at high speeds.

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