How to Login to Netgear Router in Bridge Mode

Hello, Let me know that how to login to Netgear router in bridge mode. I am not able to login in bridge mode. Please help me in this.

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Access Netgear Router in Bridge Mode

Bridge mode is usually connected with the main router that will extend the home network. When the ethernet devices are connected with the wireless bridge router, the main router and bridge router it helps communicating wirelessly providing the fastest wifi speed. 

To access a Netgear router that is in bridge mode, you typically need to connect a computer directly to the router for which you can use an Ethernet cable. As there are chances that the router in bridge mode does not assign IP addresses via DHCP, you may need to assign a static IP address to your computer that matches the router's IP subnet.

Visit If does not Function, Make an Attempt for the Following:


You are propelled to type in a username and password. Type in the following default login attestations:

Note: Username and password are both case sensitive.

  • Username :  admin
  • Password :   password

Note: If the default login credentials do not fulfill the desired objective, you may have altered the admin password. If you are not able to recall your new password, you must perform a factory reboot to restore the router to its original default configurations.

For further instructions, see Restoring a NETGEAR home router to the factory default configurations.

Right click ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Router/ AP / Bridge / Repeating Mode.

Select Netgear Bridge Mode:

  • Select Apply.
  • The router will restart and enter Router mode. Your devices will attain a novel IP address from the router with a default gateway of

Installing your Netgear Router as a Bridge Imparts the Below Mentioned Advantages:

  • Take benefit of gigabit WiFi speeds on devices that does not inherently support gigabit WiFi.
  • Utilize gigabit WiFi for purposes like streaming video and gaming.
  • Establish connection between several devices like a NAS, a Smart TV, a NeoTV, a Blu-ray player, or a game console at gigabit WiFi speeds by utilising a WiFi link.
  • Stay away from the requirement for individual WiFi adapters for each device.

For Example, You can Install the First Router in the Room Where Your Internet Connection is Established.

  • Then, install the second router in bridge mode and position it in a separate room such as the room where your home entertainment center is placed. Utilize Ethernet cables for establishing the connection of router in bridge mode to your Smart TV, DVR, game console, or other device.
  • The 802.11 ac WiFi connection amidst the two routers lets 802.11n devices with a wired connection take benefit of a faster WiFi connection speed than they inherently support.

Netgear Router in Bridge Mode:

  • Make a notice of the WiFi configurations of the other router to which this router will link.
  • You need to be aware of the SSID, WiFi security mode, wireless password, and operating frequency (either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz).
  • Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is linked to the network of the router that will function in Netgear bridge mode.
  • Enter
  • A login screen pops up..
  • Type in the router username and password.
  • The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive.
  • The BASIC Home screen pops up.
  • Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Wireless Bridge.
  • The Wireless Bridge page shows up.
  • Choose the Enable Bridge Mode checkbox.
  • Select the Setup Bridge Mode Wireless Settings button.
  • Type in the settings of the other router:
  • Choose the wireless network frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)
  • For 802.11ac mode, choose 5 GHz.
  • In the Name (SSID) field, type in the wireless network name (SSID).
  • In the Security Option category, choose the WiFi security mode of the other router.
  • If instructed, enter the passphrase (the WiFi password that you utilize for linking WiFi to the router).
  • Select the Apply button.
  • The configurations for the other router are saved and the Advanced Wireless Settings page shows up.
  • Select the Apply button on the Advanced Wireless Settings page.
  • Your settings are saved.
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