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How to Manually Update Linksys Firmware?

It there anyone who knows about how to do manually update Linksys firmware. I am trying to do this. But unable to do that. Help me.
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Manually Update Linksys Firmware:

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi is a free service that lets you connect to your router, customize it, and monitor your home network from anywhere. You'll need to update the firmware on your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router with a classic view if you want to use the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Tools.

Firmware updates are bug fixes and updates to the router's features. It's important to keep the firmware on your Linksys device up to date because it solves problems you may have when using it.

Device functionality updates that were not available in previous versions can be included in an updated firmware downloaded from the Linksys Support site. An automatic or manual firmware update is possible with your router.

The Steps to Manually Update Linksys Firmware are Described in This Article.

Note: The following things must be reviewed before continuing with the update process to avoid upgrade failures.

  • For reliable connectivity, use a wired device. Wi-Fi firmware updates are not recommended because they can cause permanent damage to the router.
  • If your default browser isn't working, try another one. You may also perform the update on a different device.
  • For your computer, download the correct firmware and version.
  • If you have a storage device attached to the router, make sure it is disconnected before updating the firmware to avoid data loss.
  • Check to see if you've set up a backup configuration.

To manually update the firmware of your Linksys router, follow these steps:

Checking Your Router's Model and Edition-

The model number and serial number should be on the router's bottom label.

Note: Identifying the right model and version number will aid in the firmware download. If your Linksys router doesn't have a version number on it, it's a version 1 model.

Downloading the Linksys Firmware

Download the firmware from the Linksys Support Site and save it to your computer's chosen destination folder (for example, Desktop, Downloads).

Note: The firmware format is.bin, but some can use different extensions.img or.bix.

Performing the Upgrade

Step 1: In a web browser, type “” into the Address bar and click [Enter]. Check your router's local IP address if the IP address does not function or has been changed.

Step 2: Fill in your login details. Admin is the default password. Use that instead if you've updated or customized your password.

Step 3: Select Administration > Firmware Upgrade.

Step 4: Select the Browse button.

Note: A Choose File button is found on some routers.

Step 5: Click Open after you've located and selected the file you've downloaded.

Note: Click the Choose button if you're using Mac OS X®.

Step 6: To begin the Upgrade, click the Start Upgrade button.

Note: Some routers show Upgrade only.

Important: During the update process, do not turn off the router or push the reset button. Suppose you choose the wrong file. If this happens, click OK and go back to Steps 2–4 to choose the correct file.

Step 7: When it says that the update was successful, click Continue.

Step 8: Turn the router off and then back on. Your Linksys Wi-Fi Router's firmware can now be updated manually.

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