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How to Perform Netgear Orbi Setup with Existing Router?

Is there anyone who knows about how to perform Netgear Orbi setup with existing router. I Bought this new Orbi but don't know how to use it with existing router. Help me.

Perform Netgear Orbi Setup with Existing Router: 

Are you interested in learning how to set up your current router with Netgear Orbi? You've come to the right post if you're nodding your head in agreement. Here, we've provided step-by-step instructions for easily configuring your Netgear Orbi with your current router. What are you still holding out for? Read on.

How to Set Up Netgear Orbi with an Existing Router in Steps

The Netgear Orbi Route must be Powered On

Unbox your Netgear Orbi device first. Make certain that nothing is harmed. When sure, turn on your Orbi wireless router by pressing the power button.

It is advised to either get your present wall outlet fixed or use a different one if the wall socket to which you have linked your Orbi is broken. The power LED should now turn green after some patient waiting.

Link the Orbi Router to the Current Router

Connecting your Netgear Orbi to the current router is the subsequent step. Therefore, link both of your WiFi devices via an Ethernet cable.

Ensure the Ethernet cable you're using to link your devices is in good condition and has no visible wear or damage. If it is, link the wireless devices with a new cable. If not, attempting to set up a Netgear Orbi router with just an existing router will result in problems.

Set Orbi Device Sync

Use the Power button on the Netgear Orbi satellite device and insert it into an available electrical outlet. Sync the two Orbi devices at this time. Are you unsure about how to do that? All you have to do is press the Sync button on your Orbi router and satellite, then wait a while.

Visit Orbilogin.net.

Turn on your computer once your Orbi wireless devices have established a reliable link. Open a web browser on it (such as Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Mozilla).

Enter orbilogin.net as well as orbilogin.com into the address bar of your preferred web browser. A page for Netgear Orbi login would be displayed.

You Must log your Netgear Orbi Device In

You'll be requested to log in as soon as the Netgear Orbi login page opens on your screen. Fill in the blanks with the default username and password, then select login.

Are you unsure regarding your Netgear Orbi wireless router's default login credentials? It is advised to consult the user handbook if the response to the question is yes.

You will be sent to the BASIC Home screen after clicking Log In. For Netgear Orbi setup with the existing route, adhere to the on-screen instructions on the Home screen.


It is simple to Perform Netgear Orbi Setup with Existing Router. But a lot of users have trouble doing this. However, nothing will prevent you from configuring your wireless device if you adhere to the instructions provided in this post.

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How to Perform Netgear Orbi Setup with Existing Router

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