How to Reset NETGEAR N900 Router

I have a netgear n900 router at home. But recently i have been facing slow network issues with my router. I want to reset my router to fix this issue. Can anybody help me with hard reset of my router?

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Reset NETGEAR N900 Router:

In the growing technology having latest and advanced firmware will always help you to boost the constancy, functionality, steadiness, and performance of your desired product.

Moreover, the innovative and most up-to-date firmware will help to rectify the issues and also to enhance the potentiality of the product. The router will automatically access the NETGEAR website for the latest and advanced firmware during the installation process.

The wireless router allows you to access your network devices from virtually anywhere within the working range of your wireless configuration network. However, the operating distance or range of your wireless device connection can vary considerably depending on the material placement of your Netgear router.

Steps to Reset NETGEAR N900 Router:

Step-1: Find the reset key. The reset key is very tiny and is mostly situated at the backside of the router. It can be marked as “Reset” or “Restore”. It is present in every router in order to avoid some accidental issues.

Step-2: Put a twisted or curved paper piece into the nook or entrance of the reset key in order to Reset NETGEAR N900 Router.

Step-3: Quietly compress and grip the paper piece gently for about 7 seconds. Then the light will start to twinkle gently with the help a paper.

Step-4: Discharge the pressed "Reset" key. Then the router will automatically reboot and the light will begin to give a strong signal like a green light. Then the router will begin to work properly and give a strong signal process.

Step-5: Finally, log in with your user ID and Password, Once the router is reset back and regenerated again, you can take over all your wireless process and connect with the new router and start your process.

Ways to Maintain a Good Working NETGEAR N900 Router:

Cut off or disconnect all the power cable from the back of your NetGear router. Then confirm that all the operating lights switches are off and ensure that the router is completely motorized down.

To maintain the NETGEAR N900 router in a good working condition is very important and mandatory. Moreover, is better to put user Id and security code for the router in order to prevent unwanted access to their wireless network. With the help of some specifications like WPS, SSID and strong Wi-Fi signal data encryption and verification are automatically configured in your network device.

Resetting default settings is particularly helpful for the users in the place of login id and password is forgotten. With the help of the configuration settings like IP address, username, and password used for factory settings, but all configurations connections you may have made as well.

In order to protect the data and signals, you can also visit the configuration system page. In that, you need to click on the Backup option in order to maintain your router. If you have protected backup then go in advance in order to reset the factory evasion settings.

Default Settings for Securing Your Network:

  • Open wireless
  • Change the Username
  • Change the Password Key
  • Apply and Save the changes
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