How to Set NETGEAR Router as Network Switch

I have Netgear router which I would like to utilize as a switch to connect my Xbox 360, blue ray player and TV box to the internet. The switch is connected to a powerline adapter and another adapter is connected to the main router Huawei HG533. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can anybody provide me suggestions?

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Using a Netgear router as a network switch is a great way to expand your network capacity, improve wifi performance, and increase security, link aggregation, and load balancing. To set up the Netgear router as a network switch, you need a wireless router, an ethernet switch, and an Ethernet cable.

You have to start the setup process by logging in to your router and accessing the router's settings with the help of the IP address. It is quite important to disable the wifi and tune off the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP). You can also consider seeking professional help.

Use Netgear Router as Switch -

You can use Netgear router as a switch see here some steps for this :-

Here i am describing some keypoint to use Netgear router as switch you just need ethernet cable.

Step 1 First you just have to connect your computer to the Netgear router using a standard Ethernet cable, even if the router includes wireless access, because configuration changes may affect the wireless signal.

Step 2 Open a Web browser on your computer and enter the router's IP address, usually something similar to or like  this.

Step 3 Now your admin page will show here where you Enter the username and password for your Netgear router. A Web page showing the status of the router will be displayed if the Netgear router is connected correctly and the login was successful.

Step 4 After this Set the IP address of your Netgear router to an address that will not conflict with the main router on the network. For instance, if the main router is, try setting the one to be used as a switch to This setting may be on the status page or the administration page, though it will vary from router to router.

Step 5 Then Turn off the DHCP server. This server allows the Netgear router to assign IP addresses to the computers connected to it. Because the router will be used as a switch, it no longer needs to perform this function, and the main router on the network will take over this task.

Step 6 For DNS  Server Locate the settings. This server should be turned off as well. It is used to translate IP addresses into the more familiar "www" addresses that are used to go to a Web page. Again, a switch does not need to perform this function.

Step 7 Turn off any firewall options that the Netgear router may have. This may require turning off several settings, depending on the particular router.

Step 8 Now you have to Change the mode of your router to gateway or switch if your router has an "Operating Mode" setting.

Step 9 Remove any port forwarding entries that may have been used for games, peer-to-peer software or other applications.

Step 10 Configure the wireless portion of your Netgear router to function as an access point if this setting is available in your system.

Step 11 Save all the changes and reboot the Netgear router to finish the process. Now that the extra features of the router have been turned off, And now use Netgear router as a switch. for further help get in touch with us.

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