How to Set up a NETGEAR Wireless Router

I have a netgear rangemax WPN824 v3. It did not come with software and when i plugged it in correctly, it didn't connect to internet or anything. Someone help please.

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How to setup Netgear wireless router:-

Here I am explaining easiest way to setup Netgear router, just follow all stepwise instructions -

Check the requirements -

a)Internet connection


c)Ethernet cable


Check the process:-

1.First of all, you have to connect the ethernet cable to modem and Netgear router. You have to connect one end of the ethernet cable into modem’s WAN port and another end into Netgear router’s yellow port.

2.Now, take an extra ethernet cable and insert its one end into Netgear router’s first LAN port and another end into your system.

3.After this, restart Netgear router, modem, and your PC.

4.Open the internet browser, type “” in the address bar and press Enter key.

5.To access Netgear router settings, you need to enter login values with the “username” and “password” field.

6. Once you logged into Netgear router setup page, move to Setup wizard and detect your internet connection type. Now, your Netgear router will automatically detect your internet connection.

If you face any problem at this moment then dial Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

7. If everything is OK then move to Netgear router security settings. Choose “WPA2-PSK ” as the authentication method.

8. If Netgear router failed to detect modem then you need to restart all devices. To prevent unauthorized access to Netgear router, turn off the guest network and also lock Netgear router setup page.

9. At last, save the entire settings. Now your Netgear router will reboot. In case, Netgear router does not reboot automatically when you have to manually perform this.

Remember these tips:-

1. While setting the password, make sure it is unique and no one can even guess it. Also, note down on a piece of paper.

2.Reset Netgear router to default settings when required. Because after resetting, all settings will get erased and you have again set them manually.

I hope, you will get some help from my answer. If still, any problem occurs with Netgear router then directly talk to experts by calling on Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

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If you formatted it and lost your connection then you have probably lost the driver for the wireless card and the password if u have one for the router, check the model laptop get the driver on usb, install it then connect and if you have any security on router you forgot delete it and set it up again by plugging ur computer in with a wire to the router and typing ur ip in the Address bar of explorer.

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