How to Set up the Expressvpn App on Your Linksys Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to Set up the ExpressVPN app on your Linksys router.I am trying to setup but it it's not connecting. Help me in this.

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VPNs play an important role in using secure internet services. You should be very careful when using data quality and how secure your devices are while browsing the internet. To do this, you can install Expressvpn on the Linksys Router by directly protecting all the connected devices.

To download ExpressVPN, you should have a compatible browser because no other browser will support the program. You can install it by following a few steps.

VPNs are not only limited to Linksys Router, but they can also be downloaded for various other models of the router such as Asus, Netgear, and another advanced router of Linksys, which is a USA-based company dealing mainly in manufacturing and selling products to homes users and business sector.

How to Install Express VPN in Linksys Router:

If you are asking this question, then I will tell you the full solution. People install VPN service on their computers and PCs and save themselves from the internet and protect against security concerns. But, you can install VPN on Router directly and save all of your devices that are connected to the internet.

Steps to install ExpressVPN on Linksys Router:

To install the ExpressVPN app on the router you need to download the program with the help of a compatible browser. It is important as the program will not download with incompatible or unsupportable browser.

Open the preferred browser of your choice. This browser can be Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After opening the browser, you need to go to ExpressVPN website. From there you can download the latest version of the app of ExpressVPN.

Remember These Models and Some others Support ExpressVPN:

  • Netgear Nighthawk R7000
  • Netgear R7000
  • Netgear R6300
  • Asus RT-AC87U
  • Asus RT-AC68U
  • Asus RT-AC56(U/R/S)
  • Linksys WRT3200ACM
  • Linksys WRT1900AC(S)
  • Linksys EA6200
  • Linksys WRT1200AC

There are some more advanced models of Linksys Routers that support VPN installation. So, don’t worry if your router is not on this list.

To download ExpressVPN for the router you need to Log in at ExpressVPN website. If you don’t have the account, Sign up first.

After the Login, you need to select the router that you have and then download the software.

ExpressVPN Installation on Linksys:

  • For proper installation, you need to access the administration panel for Linksys Router.
  • Now, use the Router IP that is written on the bottom of the router and then you need to fill the Admin and Password information.
  • Now go into the connectivity option in Linksys Admin
  • After that go to Router Firmware Update option. Under that option, you will see the option of Manual.
  • Now, click on Manual option and after that, you need to select the file. Search the ExpressVPN file that you have downloaded. Click on start and let the router do the firmware update.
  • While the router does the Firmware Update it will restart. After this process is complete you need to connect the router through Wi-fi or LAN and go to the ExpressVPN website.
  • Now, sign in and put the code that is written at the bottom of your router.
  • This is how you can control the interface of the VPN of the router.

Linksys Router:

Linksys is a company from the United States of America. The company basically deals with manufacturing and selling products to businesses and home users. The products that Linksys makes includes Ethernet Switches,

VoIP devices, Linksys Routers, Ethernet switches, video cameras Internet connected, products related to Audio Visual mediums and storage devices that are connected to the internet. Linksys was founded in the year 1988 by Janie and Victor Tsao. Today the main headquarters of the company is in Irvine, California.

This is How to Set up the ExpressVPN app on your Linksys Router.

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