How to Setup Linksys EA9300 Router and Troubleshoot

Hello, please let me know that how to setup Linksys EA9300 router and troubleshoot. I am facing some issue while connecting my router. Help me.
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Linksys EA9300 is the largest Stream AC4000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router. The setup Linksys EA9300 router is easy. It has amazing Tri-Band for double the performance of a Dual-Band Router. 3 bands that deliver the highest combined Wi-Fi speeds to more devices. It works on the updated Wireless-AC technology for simultaneously streaming and gaming on many devices.

Methods To Setup Router Of Linksys EA9300:

Below are the methods to set up the router of the Linksys EA 9300.

Method 1:- Linksys EA9300 Router Setup Without Cd 

The following are the steps for this method.

Step 1: Firstly make sure that your modem is working. Connect your main computer directly to the modem. Check your main computer is able to access the Internet directly through the modem. If it is not then contact your service provider and get your modem working first.

In the case of a DSL connection, you may not be able to access the Internet directly through the modem. For this, you must have a PPPoE Username and password from the DSL company. Make sure that you have the right PPPoE username and password. if you do not have PPPoE user credentials then get in touch with your Internet service provider and get it.

Step 2: Connect the modem and system to the Linksys EA9300 router with the Ethernet cable. Connect one side of the modem to the Internet port and another side to the computer to the Ethernet port. If you have a computer connected to the WAN port then it will not communicate with EA9300. You will find 4 lights, Power, WAN, wireless and Ethernet.

Step 3: Run the browser and in the address bar type the number This is the default IP address of almost all the models of Linksys Routers to setup Linksys EA9300 router. However, you can run the command prompt and check the IP address on your computer.

Step 4: At the left panel, you will find all the options required to modify the settings. Hit on “Connectivity” under the router settings section.

Step 5: Hit on the Internet settings tab at the top.

Now according to your internet service provider, you can change the Internet settings. Once you modify the Internet connections, your wired computer will be able to access the Internet through the EA9300.

Step 6: Change the Wireless network Settings. As the Dual-band router, you will find 2 different wireless networks.

SSID is the name of the wireless network. Change both SSIDs. Keep the names of both the SSIDs different so that you can identify them. Change the password for the wireless network. ( remember this password ) . This will be the password of the wireless network and you will need this password/key when you will try to connect any wireless computer or device to the network.

You can also create a Guest network using this web-based interface. In the left panel, you will set options. Now try to connect a different computer or wireless device to the network and see if that works. This was all about the Linksys EA9300 router setup manually.

Method 2:- Setup Linksys Ea9300 Router Using The Smart Setup Wizard

Below is the step by step guide for this method.

Step 1: If your EA9300 came with outer antennas, connect the antennas to the router first and then connect it to a power source. If your router consists of the power switch, make sure that the power switch is turned on. Wait till the power LED is solid.
Step 2: Connect the Ethernet cable one from your modem other to the Internet port of the EA9300.
Step 3: Connect to your trusted wireless network. You can search the wireless credentials either at the bottom of the router or on the Quick Start Guide. To secure any problems during setup, make sure you have the best signal from the router or bring the wireless computer nearer to the same room as the EA9300.
Step 4: Run your web browser and type “” in the Address bar then hit enter.
Step 5: Mark the checkbox at the side of  “I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software” then hit on the Next to proceed.


In this blog, I have provided the best methods to setup Linksys EA9300 router. I hope it turns out to be beneficial.

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