How to Setup Linksys N300 Extender without CD

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Linksys n300 Extender without CD. I am facing some issue while installing it. Help me.
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Setup Linksys N300 Extender without CD:

Main functionality of the extender is to amplify the incoming signal so that its strength can be increased to optimal level, to deal with the problem of dead spots. WiFi extenders take WiFi signals as input. Same is the Linksys n300 WiFi extender.

Linksys n300 extender comes along with installation CD. This CD makes the installation process of your Linksys extender an easiest task. But, in case a situation comes when you are not able to get access to installation CD even then you can go for Linksys n300 extender setup. All you have to go for manual installation. Various steps involved while going for manual setup Linksys n300 extender without CD are briefly listed below:

Steps to Setup Linksys n300 extender without CD-

Step 1 : If you have not received installation CD along with your new Linksys extender then no need to worry. In such a case you should install Linksys range extender manually. 

For this first of all you have to gather some necessary information like network name which is also called as SSID name, password of your existing network. To install Linksys N300 extender without the help of CD, your connection with existing network or home network is required.

Step 2 : When connection is set up with Linksys WiFi range extender, you need to reset the extender. You can do this by pressing the ‘Reset’ button, which is present at the rear side of the Linksys n300 extender.

Step 3 : Once you reset Linksys extender you have to connect your device like laptop or PC with Linksys N300 extender through wired connection . Put your Linksys N300 extender on power.

Step 4 : Next step is opening an internet browser. Now, you have to open Linksys extender setup page. You can login into this setup page by entering the default login address

If you want to access the setup page by using default Ip then you have to enter in the address bar, which will automatically prompt you to Linksys extender setup wizard.

Step 5 : Once you get prompted to login window, you are required to enter login user name and login password, by which you will be able to access the Linksys wifi extender n300 setup page.

Step 6 : Once successful login to Linksys wifi extender n300 configuration page, go for the ‘Wireless’ option and then go for the ‘Basic Wireless Settings’. Select the ‘Manual’ option for Linksys n300 extender setup page.

Step 7 : You can choose the security for your WiFi extender at this step. You will need to fill the password for your home network at this point. Search for the Linksys wifi extender n300 setup next option but before that save all the settings you have made.

Step 8 : Remove the Linksys wifi extender n300 from the power and put it any appropriate place you want to place it.

These are the possible ways to setup Linksys n300 extender without cd. If you have a CD you can simply insert that CD in the drive and follow all the instructions for making Linksys n300 extender setup.

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