How to Setup Linksys RE6400 Extender

Hello, Please let me know how to Setup Linksys RE6400 Extender? I tried many times but unavailable to Setup Linksys RE6400 Extender. So can anyone have any idea?
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Setup Linksys RE6400 Extender

Linksys RE6400 which is also known as dual-band wi-fi range extender is one of the best options to extend the range for internet connection through wifi. Now the question is how this can be achieved. So here I am with the solution. In this blog, I will provide you the method to setup Linksys RE6400 extender.

Before we start with the methods I think it's really important to know that what is Linksys extender and why we use it.

Linksys RE6400 Extender - It is basically used to extend the range of the internet. The best fact about it is that it removes the spots of the connection which is dead. If you want to connect the devices which are far away from each other through the wireless internet then connect RE6400 to the power outlet.

Features Of The RE6400 Extender

The following are some of the facts that make RE6400 Linksys most recommendable to increase the range of wi-fi.

  • It is designed with dual-band feature

  • It has a frequency range between 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz

  • Responsible to remove dead ends

  • It extends the range of wifi up to 7500 sq feet

Advantage of Linksys RE6400 Extender

Some of the benefits of using Linksys extender are as follows:

  • It is compatible with all types of wi-fi routers.

  • It can run smoothly with the networks provided by service providers.

  • Devices like mobile, laptop, etc, can be easily connected with push-button.

  • Require the ethernet cable of one gigabit.

  • It delivers an internet connection without any interruption.

  •  It has the ability to deliver data (ac1200) at AC867+N300 Mbps speed.

System Specification Required to Setup Linksys RE6400 Extender

Below are some important requirements which are required for the setup.

  • It requires a wireless router of 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac configuration.

  • An access point to connect the router.

  • AC power supply outlet to switch on the internet.

  • The device like MAC, computer, TAB, mobile, etc are required in which you can access wi-fi.

  • Require a device that supports the browser like Google Chrome 25.0, Firefox 20, Internet Explorer 8.0, Safari 5.1, etc.

We have discussed enough the Linksys RE6400. So now let’s move towards the method to set up Linksys extender.

Methodologies to Setup Linksys RE6400 Extender

In this section of the blog, I will discuss some methods to set up a dual-band wi-fi range booster.

Method 1:-

Instruction guide for this method is s follows

Step 1) First, make sure that the wifi range extender of dual-band is plugged into the power outlet and also check the switch of power in on.

Step 2) Now connect the router with wifi extender with the help of an ethernet cable.

Step 3) Once the solid green light appears on the router then connect your device with the wi-fi network. (Default name of wifi will be Linksys-booster-setup)

Step 4) Go to the address bar. Now in that address bar type extender.linksys.setup or you can even write Both the URL will take you to the same page.

Step 5) Press enter on “Start setup” option.

Step 6) During the setup process option “wireless range extender” will be automatically selected. You just hit on the “next” button.

Step 7) Select the network of wifi. (Make sure that the frequency of wi-fi is under 2.4 GHz.)

Step 8) Now, fill the credentials like network name and password manually. You can even wait for the network to detect your wifi and fill the information automatically.

Step 9) After entering the password click on the “next” button.

Step 10) Check the configuration for the network and hit on the “next” option.

Step 11) Press enter on “save” button.

Hence with the above steps setup, Linksys RE6400 extender is established in your device. Now you can enjoy your internet even after being away from the router.


In this blog, I have provided you all the essential information of the RE6400 extender. I hope my efforts to solve your problem to setup Linksys RE6400 extender will work for you. The best part of the explained method is that it can be used by novice users as well.

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