How to Setup Linksys Router EA2700

I have recently bought a Linksys EA2700 since the router which I got from my ISP was not efficient. I bought this from eBay and it does not have any software CD. I do not know how to set it up since the last one was done by ISP people. Can anyone tell me how to configure it with my Comcast model in easy step as my knowledge about routers are pretty limited.

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Linksys EA2700 Setup -

  • Just login into your router‘s interface by using the IP address that is present in the bottom of the router.
  • After that, you have to connect your PC and Linksys router (LAN port) by using an ethernet cable.
  • Then type the Linksys router’s IP address into the address bar. Immediately you are prompted to enter the router password.
  • To access Linksys ea2700 default password, just check the base of the router. It will look as shown in the figure.

  • Once you logged in Linksys ea2700 setup wizard, find out the section named as “Wireless”. Tap on Wireless and then on Security. Check the SSID and you can keep any name for it.

  • After that, move to Passphrase & input the password. Also, adjust the Security type as “WPA2/WPA” as this provides highest security setting as it encrypts the connection between PC and Linksys router.

That’s all! Don’t forget to save the overall settings.

  •  greg
  •   August 3, 2020
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Setup Linksys EA2700 Router:

I will take you through the simple steps of reconfiguring your Cisco Linksys EA2700 to be used as an AP to your network.

STEP 1: Reset Linksys ea2700 Router

If you have previously used the router then you should reset Linksys ea2700 it to its factory settings. This is done by pressing the reset button and holding it for at least 5 seconds. The reset button is located under the router and you might need a biro or a bent paper clip to press it.

Then connect the router to your PC or notebook. One end of the LAN cable supplied should be connected to either network ports 1 2 3 or 4. Do not connect to the internet port.

STEP 2: Login to Linksys ea2700 Router

The next thing is to login to Linksys ea2700 router. As the device has been reset logon can be accessed via a browser.

Type in the default address in the browser and then enter the default administrator credentials which should be admin for both username and password.

If the router tries to install any software or drivers you can cancel it.

STEP 3: Reconfigure Linksys ea2700 Router to an AP

If you followed the steps correctly you should be in the router's setup page. The first thing you need to do is change the internet connection type to bridge mode under internet setup.

Now under network setup select specify an IP address for router address and enter an appropriate IP address subnet mask and default gateway then click on save settings. If you use a proxy then make sure your browser settings are changed to no proxy before attempting this.


Now remove the router and connect to the LAN; making sure that you connect the newly configured AP via the internet port. The next you need to do is test your WAP with a device that connects via WiFi like a mobile phone tablet or notebook.

FINAL NOTE: As you will notice the newer routers by default have the ability to option to configure into an access point. In older systems like the Linksys WRT54G router you needed to do a bit more work.

Also just for interest the router I used was purchased from Datec late in 2012 and has been sitting around the office for a while.

  •  Snuklicus
  •   August 3, 2020