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How to setup Linksys WET610 router?

I am facing some issues while setup Linksys WET610 router. I have no idea how to do this. Help me.
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Setup Linksys WET610 Router:

Have you recently bought the Linksys router to work? Are you facing a problem in its setup? Don’t worry here I am with the solution to your problems. In this blog, I will provide you some easy methods to Setup Linksys WET610 Router. 

Method To Setup WET610 Router

Following are the steps for this method:

Step 1) Put the Setup Wizard CD into the CD-ROM drive.

Step 2) The Welcome screen will be displayed. Then clock on next.

Step 3) Go through the License Agreement. To agree on the terms in the License Agreement, click on “I accept this agreement. Hit on Next.

Step 4) For the configuration, you will need to connect the Bridge to your router. Hit on Next. Put the CD-ROM Installation WET610N with Dual-Band.

Step 5) Connect one end of the network cable to the Ethernet port of the Bridge. Press enter on Next.

Step 6) Connect the other end of the cable to the local network ports on your router. Hit on Next.

Step 7) Connect the power adapter to the Power port of the Bridge. Select next.

Step 8) Place the power cord into an electrical outlet. Hit Next.

Step 9) Wait until the Power and Ethernet LEDs are solidly lit. Click Next.

Step 10) Put a password to protect access to the Bridge. Hit Next.

Step 11) The wireless setup is next. Click Next.

Step 12) The Setup Wizard will appear in the Network name of the wireless network with the strongest signal. To connect to this network, click Next. 

Step 13) The available networks are listed in the table. Select your network, and then click Next. (If your router supports Wi‑Fi Private Setup, which is denoted by the icon next to the network name, then proceed to the section, “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”.)

Step 14) Configure the following:

  • Wireless Network Name
  • (SSID) Enter the name of your wireless network.
  • Authentication Type Select
  • The authentication used by your
  • Wireless network.
  • Encryption Type Select
  • The encryption used by your wireless network.
  • Security Key Enter the security key of your wireless network.
  • Click Next.

NOTE: If you are connecting to your own wireless network, you may need to configure wireless security on your router if you have not already done so. WET610N Installation Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band 7

Step 15) Please wait while the setup Linksys wet610 router connects the Bridge to your wireless network. Alert from your firewall or security application may appear. If required, click Always allow or Allow this time only to allow the wireless connection.

Step 16) Now, Bridge is connected to the device that you want to equip with wireless. Hit Next.

Step 17) The Bridge has established a connection with your router with a network cable. Disconnect this network cable from your router. Press the next option.

Step 18) Connect the free end of your network cable to the device that you need to equip with wireless. If you require to move the Bridge, then make sure you take the power adapter and network cable with you. Hit Next. Installation WET610N 8 Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band

Step 19) Wait till the Power and Ethernet LEDs are lit, and the Wireless LED starts giving flash. Click Next.

Step 20) The wireless settings have appeared. To save the modified settings in a text file on your desktop, keep the default, Save these settings in a text file on my desktop. Click Next.

Step 21) The Bridge is setup. You can move your Bridge anywhere within the wireless network’s range, as long as you plug its power cord into an electrical outlet.


Above in this blog, I have provided you the best way to setup Linksys wet610 router. I hope it will provide you fruitful results. This can be used by novice users as well.

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