How to Setup Netgear AC1200 WiFi Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup netgear ac1200 wifi router. I bought this router but don't know how to set up it. Help me.

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The setup process of the Netgear AC 1200 router is quite straightforward. There are two different methods through which you can set up your router. The first method uses the Nighthawk app, and the second method is accessing the router web interface.

In the first method, you have to install the Nighthawk app on your device and explore the settings section to set up the router. The next method is to access the web interface with the help of a web browser, IP address, and log-on credentials. Once you are logged in, you can modify the settings accordingly and make changes.

Setup Netgear AC1200 Router: Installation

Do make sure that the Internet connection is active and perfectly working before you start the installation process of your Netgear AC1200 router. The installation process has five major phases:

1. Prepare Your Modem Device

  • Unplug the power line provided to your modem.
  • Remove the batteries only if the modem has a battery backup.
  • However, if your modem was already connected to some other router, quickly disconnect the cable linking your modem and router.
  • Make sure that the modem is properly turned off and cabled to the wall jack only for your Internet service

2. Connect Your Modem to the Netgear ac1200 Router

  • Firstly, Plug in the power to your modem.
  • Then switch on your modem.

Note: As the batteries were removed in the first step, try to replace the battery.

A yellow ethernet cable comes along in the packaging box of the router. Use that ethernet cable to connect your modem to the Internet port of your router.

3. Add Power to the Netgear ac1200 Router

  • You can now connect the power adapter to the router that comes inside the box. Then, plug in the power adapter into an outlet or source.
  • Wait for the time when the WiFi LED on the front panel of router glows.
  • In case you see no LED light, press the Power On/Off button present at the backside of the Netgear router.

4. Connect Router with the Computer.

  • The next step when you setup Netgear ac1200 router is to connect it with the computer system. Use the provided Ethernet cable or connect wirelessly to your computer or mobile device.
  • When you do a wired connection, you must use an Ethernet cable (not included in the box) to connect your computer with black Ethernet LAN port on your router.
  • When you do a wireless connection, use the preset wireless security settings on the label at the bottom of your Netgear router.

5. Launch Any Installed Browser

  • Finally, when you connect to the router for the first time, the genie screen is displayed. Further, keep following the genie steps to connect to the Internet.
  • If you do not see the genie screen, close and reopen the
  • In the next step, enter www:// in the address bar of the browser.
  • A login screen appears.
  • Enter the login credentials, the default username, and the default password.

What to Do if NETGEAR Genie does Not Display?

  • Firstly, ensure that the computer system is properly connected to one of the four LAN Ethernet ports, or wirelessly to the router device.
  • Next, make sure that the router is having full power, and that its WiFi LED has turned solid blue.
  • Mostly, browsers save the cache files and you have to reload the browser screen. So, make sure that the browser has not cached the previous page.
  • Subsequently close and reopen the browser.
  • Then enter the default admin panel address www://
  • In case your computer is set to a static or fixed IP address (this condition is not so common), change the setting to obtain an IP address automatically
    from the router.

Netgear AC1200 Router Setup : Configuration:

You can configure the wireless settings of this Netgear AC1200 router after completing the installation. The device has a unique WiFi network name (SSID) and network password (key) given at the backside of the box or at the bottom of the router.

This is the default SSID and password which are unique for every device to protect and maximize your wireless network security. Since the SSID and password are default settings so you can change them anytime from the Network Settings.

Note: You can record these preset wireless settings for easy future reference.

If you want to change or retrieve your wireless password:

  1. Go to using web browser.
  2. Log in to the web interface using the default user name (admin) and the default password (password).
  3. You will find the login details under the Wireless Settings.
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