Need to Make Router Secure No Longer Have Disk?

I want to know how to make my linksys router secured so my neighbors can't pick it up on their laptop, help to secure it

I'll give you some advise however I'm not going to guide you step-by-step to perform these you can do this by exploring all the settings of your router and getting to know them well I recommend this for any who administrates a home router.

  • To protect your router itself (web control panel access): 
  • Do not permit wireless connections to the web control panel. 
  • Configure a custom username and password for the web control panel.
  • As for protecting your wireless network (as your thread title is a bit unclear about what you mean by securing): 
  • Enable wireless protection (WEP/WPA/etc...). 
  • Enable MAC filtering to disallow certain clients or to permit certain clients only.
  • Put in a difficult to guess SSID name and do not broadcast it. I hope it helps.

Need to Make Router Secure No Longer Have Disk

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