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Netgear router not connecting to iphone?

Hello! Recently I purchased a new Netgear WNR2000v5 router. It is working properly on my laptop and my home PC. But it is not connecting to my Apple iPhone. I have also reset my router to default settings but the problem is same. I have also reset network settings of iPhone but nothing seems to work! Any suggestions?



All apple products may arise some technical fault and not connecting to the Netgear router. Here get instant fix for Netgear Router Issue through taking advice at Netgear Router Technical Support engineers. It might be want to reset network settings when Netgear router not connecting to iPhone. Let’s see what can be done when Netgear Wnr2000v5 router suddenly stops working. First of all, let us know at what symptoms does a user face when Netgear Wnr2000v5 router unable to connect via the iPhone. Want might be to reset Network settings.

Need to follow the below diagnosed steps that helped you in resolving countable hurdles. Just go through the fixes that might be helped for you and now let us what can be done.

Resolving Netgear Router not connecting to iPhone as discussed below:-

1. Firstly remove the main power cable from the rear of your modem provided by your Internet service provider when connecting Netgear router device. If needed then contact at Netgear router technical support provided by smart engineers.

2. Now get to insert one end of an Ethernet cable into the internet port on the modem. To do so, then get to plug the other end of an ethernet cable into the Internet network port onto the Netgear router's connection device panel.

3. Well, on the other hand, just plug the power cable back into the modem device and then get to connect the main power cable source for the Netgear router electronic device. Thus, it needs to reset Netgear network settings & get to force to fix Netgear router issue and to connect Netgear Wnr2000v5 router to the iPhone.

4. Now give another single click on the networking icon that as labelled on a Netgear router and then again click on the Netgear router heading option. This is the default name of the Netgear router's network when uses IP address. Now open a new web browser which is your favorite one and then type it’s default IP address as of a Netgear Wnr2000v5 router into the address field. After it dispalys a login screen and type as admin into the field of a username & as password name into the password blank field. If a user can make it other credentials to login Netgear Wnr2000v5 router device. After that click the OK key button that access the admin panel of a Netgear reset network settings. If possible, then make us one call at Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

5. Let us click onto the Wireless tab, now select the security tab main menu and then click onto the heading at WPA. The WPA offers best security network connections to the Netgear Wnr2000v5 router device. Then type a Netgear Wnr2000v5 router’s SSID channel name. After doing so, now create a password for the network into the Passphrase section of a Netgear Wnr2000v5 router and then click to the apply all changes to save your security settings into the network.

We hopefully think that all users can get best results for fix Netgear router connecting to iPhone. If yet want more help, ask Netgear router technical support service number.



Don’t worry if you are unable to connect your iPhone to Netgear router. Just look at these points to set up internet connection between Netgear Router and iPhone -

  • First of all, you have to unplug the power cable that is connected to the backside of your modem.

  • Now take a fine quality of ethernet cable and insert its one end into modem’s internet port. After this, plug ethernet cable’s another end to the Netgear router’s internet port.

  • After this, plug the power cable back to Netgear router and modem. By doing this, your modem will power cycled and other devices will recognize your Netgear router’s connection.

  • Next, go to Networking icon and tap on it. Next, tap on Netgear option and move forwards. Now open Mozilla Firefox and type “” in the address bar, hit Enter key.

  • Now, you are prompted to Netgear router login wizard where you have to enter accurate username and password in the required field boxes.

Username - admin

Password – password

Enter these values and hit login.

  • Now, go to admin panel and navigate to Wireless tab. Next, tap on Security menu> WPA. Instead of choosing any other security method, you should choose WPA as it provides the best security to your Netgear router.

  • Go to SSID field and enter a unique name in it. Next, go to Passphrase section and enter a password in it. In last, don’t forget to click on “Save Settings” option.

  • Now turn on your iPhone and navigate to Settings. After this, tap on WiFi and turn it “ON”.

  • Now you will see a list of available network, just choose your Netgear router network and connect to it by entering the password.

By applying all settings, I hope you can easily connect Netgear router to your Apple iPhone. If you experience any error during this process then please contact Netgear Router Technical Support Number.

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