How Do I Reset Forgotten NETGEAR Router Password?

Forgetting the password of your NETGEAR router can be pretty annoying and cause a hindrance to accessing your router configuration page. If you have also forgotten the password, there are two ways to resolve this problem. The first is to perform a reset, and the second is to reset your Netgear router's password.

You can reset the NETGEAR router by pressing and holding the reset button on your NETGEAR router for a few seconds and waiting till it resets itself. The router will then be reset to its factory default settings.

If you want to reset the forgotten password, then follow the step-by-step guide below.

How do I reset the Forgotten NETGEAR router password?

If you have forgotten your Netgear router password, then you can reset the password by following simple steps -

  • Open your web browser on your device. 
  • Enter the required IP address, which is
  • You will come across a login window. You will see a "cancel" option and tap on it. 
  • When your password recovery is enabled, you must enter your NETGEAR router's serial number. 
  • Type the NETGEAR router's serial number and tap "Continue." 
  • Further, answer all the security questions displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the "continue" option. 
  • Now, you have to type your NETGEAR router password. 
  • And reset the NETGEAR router password.
  • Form a strong new password and confirm it by entering it twice. 
  • Choose the "next" option.

Finally, the password for your NETGEAR router will be changed and reset.

Performing a hard reset on your NETGEAR router

If you do not want to go through this entire long process, you can consider performing a hard reset on your NETGEAR router, which will reset your router to the factory default settings. Then, you can use default Login credentials to log in to your router.

Sometimes, unknown problems may occur while going through the process of resetting the password. You can also take process help for further assistance and guidance in such situations.