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US/DS Light Blinking: What Does It Mean and How to Fix?

Hello, Please let me know US/DS Light Blinking: what does it mean and how to fix it. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

US/DS Light Blinking:

The lights on your modem or router show the present status of your device. It is important to know what all the lights on your router or modem indicate. This will make it easier for you to tackle connection problems when they occur.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about US/DS light blinking. To resolve the issue properly, you need to know the meaning of this light. Also, you need to know the reasons that can lead to the problem. This will help you know the measures that you need to take to fix the problem without getting in touch with customer executives.

What does US/DS Light Indicate?

US/DS means upstream and downstream. If the router is connecting, then this light starts blinking but once the connection is established, it stops blinking and becomes solid.

When the light is solid, then that means there is a proper internet connection and the device is ready to receive and send data or it is already sending or receiving data.

Why is the US/DS Light Blinking?

The US/DS light may blink because of the following.

  • The service is not there at the present moment.
  • The coaxial cable is loose or disconnected.
  • The cable signal is very low.
  • The router or modem is defective.
  • There is a chance that firmware download is going on.
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How to Fix US/DS Blinking Light?

Now, that we have a good idea about the problem or the reason why it occurs. It has become a lot easier to fix this problem. So, mentioned below are the steps that you need to carry out to fix the US/DS light blinking problem.

1) Check for Internet Service Outage

If there is an internet service outage, then that can make the US/DS light blink because the signal is weak or there is no connection. Hence, you can fix this problem by contacting your internet service provider.

This problem may occur because the service provider is working n something at the moment when you lost connection. You can also visit the main website of the service provider and see if there is a service outage.

In case there is a service outage in your location, then that issue can be fixed. Nevertheless, if the US/DS light does not stop blinking once the outage is fixed, then try some other solution.

2) Power Cycle Your Router or Modem

This is one of the most effective and simple solutions to fix the US/DS light blinking problem. However, it is imperative to do it correctly. First of all, you are required to disconnect your modem and computer system. Wait for a minute and then reconnect them to the power source one by one.

Connect the modem first. When you see that the modem lights are stabilizing, then connect the router. After that, wait for the lights to get stable.

Now, connect your PC to the power source. This will surely fix your US/DS light blinking problem.

3) Check Connections

See if the wired connections are loose or tight. If you find them loose, then tighten them using your hand. It is advisable to disconnect a wire and then reconnect it to ensure that the wires are tightly connected.

4) Check the Splitter

Check if the splitter is damaged or defective. To see if the splitter is the one causing US/DS light blinking problem or not, you need to remove it and connect the coaxial wire directly to the modem.

If the problem goes away, then that means Splitter was leading to the problem. This problem can also be fixed by replacing the splitter with a new one.

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US/DS Light Blinking: What Does It Mean and How to Fix

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