Why is My Belkin Router so Slow

We have relocated and have new service installed last week - tested connection for first time today. Belkin wireless router connection VERY slow - most pages do not resolve (Google will resolve 2 out of 10 times). Direct connection to laptop (remove Belkin wireless router from the equation) via Comcast supplied modem works great - terrific performance. Wireless router worked great prior to new service with Comcast - is there something I am missing. Many thanks in advance.

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Fix Belkin Router Slow Speed Issue:

There has to be something set in there that is causing Belkin router speed problem - or it could be a hardware issue with the Belkin router. There should be a factory reset switch - found this:

1. Unplug all LAN cables from the router.

2. Unplug the router power cord connector from the back of the device.

3. Using a paper clip or something similar that will fit into the reset hole press continue to hold the reset button then carefully reinsert the power cord making sure not to release the reset button in the process.

4. Continue to hold the reset button in for at least 15 seconds after inserting the power cord then release it. After about 10-25 seconds the router will boot and it will be set back to the original factory default settings.

5. By default the password on the router is left blank and the default IP address is

Resetting the 4-Port Belkin Router to Factory Default:

  • With the router powered on press and hold the reset button for exactly seven seconds this will restore the router to factory default.
  • This also applies to: F5D5230-4 4-Port Cable/DSL Gateway Router F5D6230-3 Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router (11Mbps) F5D6231-4 802.11b Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router and F5D7230-4 Wireless G Router Resolution.
  • Note: By default the password on the Belkin router is left blank and the default IP address is
  •  Phineas
  •   September 14, 2022
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Fix Belkin Router Slow Speed Issue:

You need to power cycle or Reset the modem every time you connect something different to it.

I am guessing you hooked the Computer up to the modem first and then pulled it off and connected the router. At that point, the modem is still looking for the Computer.

Power everything down (Pull power cords from Router and Modem)

Power up Modem and let it stabilize

Power up the Computer and you should be online.


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  •  Piper
  •   September 14, 2022