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Why is My Linksys Router not Connecting to Internet?

I have a Linksys e2500 router. When I connect to my cable internet modem, it shows connected and the wireless is active but the internet will not connect. The internet does work when hardwired but otherwise, no computer is able to connect to the wireless. I have tried to reset the router and the modem but neither has worked. I want some help with this issue. Thanks

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Fix Linksys Router Not Connecting to Internet:

There may be various reasons if your Linksys router is not connecting to the internet. It might be possible that you are not using correct way for establishing the connection between Linksys router and internet. It is very easy to setup Linksys router but a small error can cause interruptions, hence it is advised follow all steps in a proper channel.

Let’s see How to Setup Linksys e2500 Router -

Step 1 : First of all, plug Linksys router into the power source. After this, take an ethernet cable and insert into cable modem port.

Step 2 : Take another ethernet cable and insert into “Internet port” that is present on the backside of Linksys router. Also, connect your system to Linksys router by using the ethernet cable. Make sure the ethernet cable which you are using is not torn or frayed.

Step 3 : Now, open your favorite web browser and type “” in the address bar.

Step 4 : In next step, you have to enter login the following login details -

Username - admin

Password - password

Step 5 : After logging into Linksys router web page, click on Setup option and modify the router’s name by default one to something unique.

Step 6 : Next, save the settings and proceed to next step.

Step 7 : Tap on “Wireless” tab and modify the Wireless Network name to something unique. Go to SSID broadcast option and set it as “Disable”.

Step 8 : Now, select “Wireless Security” sub menu tab that is located at the top of the screen. Choose the “WEP” menu option from the security mode drop-down menu box.

Step 9 : Move to Passphrase box and enter a unique password. Alos, don’t forget to note down on a piece of paper.

Step 10 : Choose the Generate menu button and save the settings.

Step 11 : Generally, Mac filtering is used to secure router. To enable Mac filtering on Linksys router, choose “Wireless Mac filter” and then tap on “Enable” button.

After this, tap on “Edit Mac Filter list ” and enter the Mac address of your system and other devices that you want to connect from Linksys router’s network.

Step 12 : Select Administration menu tab and enter a new password in the “Router Password” field. Make sure this password differs from WEP encryption.

Step 13 : At last, confirm the changes by clicking on Save button.

After following all procedures, I hope you will 100% succeed in establishing the connection between Linksys router and your PC. If have any query or doubt regarding Linksys router setup process then directly talk to top-notched experts by making a call on Linksys Router serives and resolve all technical tribulations.

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Fix Linksys Router Not Connecting to Internet:

Hey, you need to change the base address of Linksys router to something other than,

I suggest perhaps as an alternative.

Then the two routers won't have an address conflict.

With both base addresses the same, the router can never make a connection to that modem/router, and you don't get an Internet connection.

Try to change the address to fix the Linksys router not working issue.

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