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Why linksys router is not connecting to iphone and ipad?

Hello everyone! I use Linksys WRT54g router for connecting my iPad and iPhone to the internet. Recently, I shifted to a new house but here my Apple devices are not communicating with Linksys router. I have also reset my Linksys router twice still the problem is same. Any ideas, tips?



Hello Rusty, if your Linksys router is not connecting to iPhone and iPad then first change the position of your router. Also, check any other device is not creating interference. Because if there will interference then your router's signal get weak and does not connect to your iPad/iPhone.

Have a look at these troubleshooting tips -

1.It might be possible that your Apple device is receiving a low signal and that’s why it is not connecting to Linksys router. So, place your Linksys router at the nearby location which that you can get strong signal strength. Make sure your Linksys router's antennas are aligned in a proper direction. 

2. Another reason can be incorrect password. Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes, we are in a hurry and enter the wrong password. By doi9ng this, Linksys router will not connect to any device. So, take a deep breath and enter your correct password at the required position.

3.If you have enabled Mac filter on Linksys router then the only administrator can give you permission to access Linksys router. To fix this, you need to check Mac filter settings. After logging as an administrator, go to Linksys Router web-based setup page. Next, navigate to Wireless and then tap on Wireless Mac Filter.

4. Also, disable SSID broadcast for connecting Linksys router to Apple devices.


See how to connect Apple iPhone to Linksys router -

  • Firstly go to your iPhone main screen and click on Settings.

  • Now Settings menu will open and you have to click on WiFi option. Just turn it on.

  • Now you will see a list of wireless networks. Here click on Other option and type your Linksys router’s SSID.

  • Next, click on Security option and choose WPA as security mode.

  • In next step, you have to enter a password.

  • Next, click on Join and connect your iPhone to Linksys router.

By applying above procedures, I hope your Linksys router will connect to all Apple gadgets without any problem. In case, any issue arises then get in touch with Linksys Router Technical Support Number and ask for instant support.

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