Why Linksys Router is Not Connecting to iPhone and iPad

I am using Linksys WRT54GS router for a long time and never face any problems with it. Last night, when I was trying to connect my iPhone to Linksys router, there was no internet access. The same thing happened with iPad too. I have checked iPhone & iPad settings but didn't find anything. I think something is wrong with my router. Thanks for help, it is much appreciated!

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Follow these steps for connecting iPhone to Linksys router -

Router For iPhone -

1. Firstly go to your iPhone’s home screen and tap on Settings.

2. After this, click on WiFi and confirm that WiFi is turned on.

3. Next, click on Linksys router’s SSID and enter Linksys router’s wireless security key for connecting through it. Enter the password correctly because an incorrect password can’t let you access Linksys router network.


4. If your Linksys wireless network is unsecured then there is no need to enter password key as it will automatically connect to it when you turn on WiFi.

Hopefully, now your iPhone will connect to the network.

For iPad -

1. Press Home button and then tap on Settings.

2.Next, tap on WiFi and check its status. If WiFi status is “Not Connected” then toggle the WiFi switch to activate the network.

3.After this, tap on Linksys router’s SSID and connect to it by entering the correct password in the Passphrase field.

4.Now, tap on Join and connect to Linksys router network. After entering the password, if Join button is grey out then you should understand that some characters are missing in the password.

Now, your iPad will connect to Linksys router network. To show the connection strength between Linksys router and iPad’s adapter, just check the number of signal bar.

If still, you are encountering any connectivity issues then please revert back, I will feel glad to help you. In case, if you need professional support then feel free to contact Linksys Router Technical Support Number.

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