Why your Linksys RE6400 will not Reset

Is there anyone who knows about why your Linksys RE6400 will not reset. I am not able to do this. Help me.
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Linksys RE6400 is a reliable wireless extender. It provides good internet coverage and speed. But for consistent better results, you need to reset it oftenly. But it is found that Linksys RE6400 may not reset easily due to outdated firmware, connected to a public hotspot and an overloaded browser.

You need to fix this problem by following some steps like by shutting down all the devices, and once the wireless extender is turned off then reconnect it again with the power source and wait for the LED lights to blink and become stable. Now press the reset button on Linksys Wifi extender for a longer time and wait for LSD lights to blink then release your pin from the reset hole.

Once you have completed the setup process, now reconnect the devices to use through the extender's device.

Linksys RE6400 Hard Reset

You need to perform a couple of steps to run a hard reset successfully. Below, we have mentioned a detailed description of all the steps that you need to perform. 

Step 1: Start by shutting down all the devices connected to your wireless extender. Before you go ahead with the reset process, you must confirm all the devices are disconnected. Please ensure that you turn off your extender and disconnect it from the electrical outlet. 

Step 2: When the wireless extender gets disconnected and turned off, you must go ahead and reconnect it to the power source. After that, let it boot on its own. Then, wait for the LED lights to become stable.

Step 3: Unlike a normal reset, you shouldn't use the reset button for the hard reset. Every Linksys Wi-Fi extender has a reset hole and you need to use a sharp object to press the reset button. Take a pin or paper clip and make sure it is long enough.

Step 4: Press the pin in the hole and hold it for 5 seconds.

Step 5: Wait for the LED lights to blink and then release your pin from the reset hole. 

All the above-mentioned steps will help you reset your Linksys RE6400 Wi-Fi range extender successfully. After that, you must reconfigure your Linksys RE6400. Once you are done completing the setup process, reconnect the devices you want to use through the extender's network. 

Reasons why Linksys RE6400 won't Reset

1) Outdated Firmware

There is a chance that your Linksys RE6400 is not resetting because of outdated firmware. To fix this problem, you must update the firmware and then go ahead and reset it. Other than the wireless extender, you must ensure that the firmware of your router is updated.

Outdated router firmware can also cause random disconnection issues. Once the firmware of both the devices is updated, you must reset your range extender. 

2) Connect to a Public Hotspot

Please ensure that you are using a safe hotspot while using the gadgets for accessing the internet. In case you are using a public hotspot, then you must change to a secure and private source.

This will allow you to reset seamlessly and provide you with a better internet experience. 

3) An Overloaded Browser

If a lot of devices are connected to the main router, then you may experience issues while performing a successful extender reset. Start with disconnecting as many devices as possible to get an uninterrupted connection.

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