Can't Login to Belkin Router

I am using Belkin F5D7230-4 router. My problem is I am unable to access the panel and this is necessary because I have to edit the port forwarding options. When I enter “” in the address bar, nothing appears on the screen. I have also tried other codes but nothing worked. Is there anyone who can suggest me how to login into Belkin router?

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Can't Login to Belkin Router -

The reason you can’t login to Belkin router -

One of the most common reason is the password-protected router. In all Belkin routers, there is password protected option through which you can gain access and configure them.

If you want to connect Belkin router wirelessly then definitely password is needed. On the other hand, if you don’t have the password then you can’t log into Belkin router.

Go Through These Steps to Login to Belkin Router -

  1. First and foremost, open internet browser of your choice and then type “” into the URL entry field.
  2. Now, at the page’s upper right-hand corner, you will find Login option, just tap on it. After this, you have to click on Submit button. This step is necessary because your router is in its pristine state. At this moment, it is extremely easy to log into Belkin router.
  3. At this moment, you should set up a password so that you can keep login issues at bay.

Just follow these instructions -

  • Move to left-hand side of resulting page and then tap on System Settings that is located under Utilities.
  • Now you are prompted for an administrator password. So, set up administrator password and also note down the password on a secure place.
  • Finally, click on Save Settings and breathe a little easier!

If still, you are unable to login to Belkin router then the last option is “Reset”. One important thing, reset your Belkin router only when you didn’t understand what to do next. This is because once you reset your Belkin router, all previous settings will get erased.

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