D-Link Router Error: Please Input the User Name

Please let me know that abut D-Link router error: please input the user name. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.
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D-Link Router Error: Please Input the User Name:

I recently bought a D-Link router, and when I tried to access the admin panel, it asked me for my username even though it was already filled in. Find out how to fix this issue. I was pleased to find the D-Link router on Amazon.

For a reasonable price, but that happiness did not last. The user name field was greyed out and pre-filled with the user name "Admin" when I attempted to log into the control panel.

On the other hand, I continued seeing the message "Please input the User Name" when I clicked the log-in button. This issue was strange, considering I had no option to edit the username field, which was already filled in with the default username.

I discovered through a Google search that numerous others had brought up the issue. About 7 years ago, someone at Yahoo Answers noticed this problem. There were no helpful responses when some individuals even mentioned this in the DLink official forum. Clearing the browser cache, using a different browser, and other suggestions have all been made by DLink.

After much trial and error, I discovered the trick to get around this problem.

How to Fix the Problem: Please Enter Your User Name

Simply pressing enter on the log-in screen is the hack to fix this problem. Your cursor should be in the password field where you should type the password. Avoid using your mouse to click on the Log-in button. Instead, key in your keyword and hit enter. You can log in with this.

Default DLink Router Password

Your only choice is to reset your dlink wireless router to factory defaults if you can't recall the password. Use a pin and hold the reset hole on the side of the router for a few seconds. Keep pressing the pin until the power button starts to flicker.

Then, let the router take a minute to reset before turning it back on. You may remove the password field from log-in attempts after you reset.

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  •   January 17, 2024