Easy Tactics To Resolve 5 Most Common Netgear Router Problems

Getting any problem with your Netgear Wi-Fi router? If yes, then we can understand how unpleasant the situation can be for you. Nothing to worry about, we are going to discuss easy and simple tactics to resolve the 5 most common Netgear wifi extender setup problems.

Check the Issues Written Below and Apply the Troubleshooting Steps Accordingly.

1. Complicated Configuration:

This is indeed an important and bit complicated task. Configuration of the router requires proper attention and understanding of steps. As each network has different settings so you have to watch it carefully before applying any changes.

There is a marginal difference between LAN and internet settings which one must know. Read all instructions given on the Netgear extender setup screen and apply them accordingly. You can also run a diagnostic check-in routine to verify the configurations.

2. Network Unavailability:

If there is some problem with the internet services provided by the provider, then contact the same. Excessive usage of more than normal limits may cause the problem. Keep on checking the network quota after regular intervals of time.

You need to also check the number of devices currently connected to the router. If you find any device connected to the router without your knowledge, you can contact router experts. Apart from this, you can check the DHCP client list to check the devices attached to the particular IP address.

3. Updating Firmware:

This is recommended for router security. With every update, you will find the latest security updates which are useful from a router security point of view. If you have not updated the router firmware yet, then do update it.

For this, you will have to visit the manufacturer’s website. Enter your product details to get the latest software for your device. First, download it then install on your router using a computer.

To get at ease with its function, you must turn on the ‘Automatic’ updates option. Whenever any update is available, it will auto-download and install on the router. You don’t need to do it manually every time.

4. Alternate DNS Provider:

Most of the users while configuring the router on the network fail to set up Domain name settings and this is a point where the problem begins. To get rid of this, connect the modem to the router through an Ethernet cable and as soon as you connect the modem to the power supply, it will automatically fetch network server settings.

5. Slow Downloading Speed:

It is one of the most common problems encountered on routers. The users are not getting proper downloading speed even after subscribing to the best network connection.

If you are living in a larger house, then this problem may encounter. To get out of this witty situation, you can use a router having more number of antennas for the best connectivity. This will solve the majority of issues.

Another thing which you can try is ‘Proper positioning of a router’. You can use Netgear QoS which provides quality service and troubleshoot problems on its own.

Description: Netgear router issues are prevalent these days. People find it difficult to fix the problem on their own. If you are facing any issue with your Netgear modem, then must go through the steps of the guide. You can also visit the Netgear modem setup link for detailed instructions.