How do I Connect My NETGEAR Router to a Hughes HT2000W Modem

Yesterday, I purchased Netgear router and Hughes ht2000w modem. After setting up both devices, when I trying to connect my iPad to Netgear router, there was no sign of internet, in fact, it says the internet is not available. The same thing is happening with other devices that I was trying to connect to my Netgear router.
Please suggest me something so that I can enjoy high-speed network with my Netgear router.

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Netgear Router is gaining significant popularity these days. The demand for the router has increased tremendously in the market. However, many people face connectivity issues with the router and the modem.

So, the method for connecting the Netgear Router to the Hughes HT2000W Modem is to unplug the ethernet cable connected to the Netgear router and Hughes HT2000W modem. Currently, you have to provide a constant power supply to the router and connect the router through the ethernet cable to your computer.

You can launch the web browser of your choice and type the router's IP address as soon as you connect the operating system with the Netgear router. Then, enter your login credentials and hit the login button.

Now you have access to Netgear's router network settings section, and you can modify all the changes and restart the operating system; hence, your Hughes HT2000W modem is properly connected to the Netgear router using an ethernet cable.

Follow this Method for Connecting Netgear Router to Hughes HT2000W Modem:

Step 1 - First of all, you have to unplug ethernet cable that is currently connected to your Netgear router and Hughes HT2000W modem.

Step 2 - After this, you have to connect Netgear router to a constant source of power supply. Then take an ethernet cable for connecting Netgear router to your computer.

Step 3 - Once your operating system gets connected to Netgear router, launch your favourite web browser, type Netgear router’s IP address into the address bar and then press Enter.

Step 4 - Then you have to enter login credentials at the appropriate fields. After entering username and password hit Login. Now you are redirected to Netgear router’s network settings section.

Step 5 - Locate the field named as “Router IP address” and then you have to modify its value i.e., “” and then save the entire changes.

Then restart your operating system.

Step 6 - Now you can connect Netgear router to Hughes HT2000W modem by using an ethernet cable. At this moment, your Netgear router will no longer conflict with Hughes HT2000W modem.

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