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How do i connect my netgear router to a hughes ht2000w modem?

How do I connect my Netgear router to a Hughes HT2000W modem/router, and continue using it as the router, and not the one built into the modem?



Here we will discuss on how to connect your Netgear Router to a Hughes HT2000W Modem. Follow the steps below carefully to connect Netgear Router now:

Step 1 - Connect Netgear Router to the Hughes HT2000W Modem using an ethernet cable i.e connect one end to your Netgear Router while the other end to your laptop and check your internet connectivity if yes then move to next step otherwise contact your ISP.
Step 2 - Open your web browser and type in the URL menu, this will take you to the default Netgear Router homepage.
Step 3 - Enter the Login & Password to access the admin settings once on the home page. The default username is “admin” and leaves the password field blank.
Step 4 - Go to the network settings and navigate “Router IP Address” and change it to Click on “Save Changes” and restart your Netgear Router & Hughes HT2000W modem.
Step 5 - Now connect Netgear Router with the Hughes HT2000W after the restart and it will work just fine.
Hopefully, the above troubleshooting methods helped you in solving the issue regarding Netgear Router Connection.

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