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How do I Secure My Belkin Router?

I have a Belkin N150 router at home and it works well for the most part, but from last two weeks, I have seen a significant drop in speed and connection. I think someone else is using it without my knowledge. Can anyone tell me how to make my Belkin router secure, what are the methods?

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Secure Belkin Router:

As per your query, Belkin router security can be enhanced in multiple ways and different methods. It is very important to make your router secure to avoid interference and wrong uses from others. Here, I will discuss different methods to answer your question on How to secure Belkin router.

Follow the instructions mentioned below carefully to secure Belkin router.

Step 1: Connect your Belkin router to your computer using an ethernet cable. One end of the cable goes inside the WAN port of the router while the other end goes inside the ethernet port of your computer.

Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established.

Step 2: Open your web browser and type in your IP address in the given URL field, if you do not know your IP address, Google "My IP Address" or "Default Belkin router IP address" and hit enter. This will redirect you to the login portal of your Belkin router.

Step 3: Enter your username and Password provided for router access, this is not the same wifi password you enter to connect to wifi. In case your Internet Service Provider(ISP) did not give you any router login credentials.

Then type "admin" in the username field and leave the password field blank and hit Enter. This will redirect you to the main settings page of your router.

Step 4: Once on the main router settings page, click on "Advanced Settings" > "Security". Under the security tab, you will notice a box for encryption, click on it and select WPA2 from the given option.

WPA2 is considered to be a government level encryption and therefore most secure among all.

Step 5: Now, below encryption, you will notice a box for "Passkey", this your wifi login password, the one you use to connect the device to your network. click on it and enter a strong password with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and numerals.

If your password is strong its very difficult for an outsider to guess or crack. make sure to write it down somewhere in case you forget it. save the settings. 

Step 6: In case you want to enhance your Belkin router security further, you can use MAC address filtering. MAC address is the permanent hardware address for your devices and cannot be changed.

So in order to make sure that only specific devices of your choice get access to the wifi network, enter the mac address of those devices here in the MAC address filtering section. Save the settings and close the window.

You have successfully made your Belkin router security impenetrable. Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the issue and from now on only those devices with your permission will be able to access your router. In case you have any doubts regarding these steps kindly revert back to a query and I will be glad to respond!

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Securing Your Belkin Router:

Belkin is a common name in networking market and most preferred internet router for its ease to use and affordable prices. Basic package contents are ethernet cable, power adapter and the router.

While you enjoy its fast speed, web browsing or video streaming and many more things, it is also important to secure your router because many hackers and computer experts are there to access your connectivity and information.

Following are Some Easy Steps to Secure Belkin Router-

Setting up Connections-

  • Set up your connection via a cable/DSL/ADSL modem.
  • Connect the ethernet (network) cable from the modem into the Internet port of your router ( usually marked yellow on routers).There are four LAN ports for connecting computer and one Internet port for modem only.
  • Make sure to connect the modem and computer to the right port to get connected, so you can get access to the Belkin router page.
  • When you get connected, You will perceive four lights, Power, WAN, wireless and Ethernet.
  • If you are done with properly connecting your hardware, we will move further to secure your network.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to " or you can also directly go to the routers login page by typing the URL address. You will be redirected to the setup page of Belkin router.
  • A login prompt will open in front of you asking for the password.  Leave the Password field blank and click "Submit" to log in, or type the default password into the applicable field and then press "Enter".

Securing Your Network

Proceeding to the next step, let's set up the security for the network. Those who want to join the network will need to enter a password. Once you have set the network's password,

You don’t need to customize it. It will provide convenience to people who know your network's password and will now be able to access the network.For security purposes, It is recommended to change and secure it.

  • Open the Wireless tab and go to Wireless Security. It is highly recommended to use the strong WPA2 Personal encryption because it works with most devices while giving you the ideal and flawless security.{ Do not choose WEP as it is very easily hackable}.
  • Select only WPA/WPA2 Personal from the drop-down and assign your password.
  • Save the settings.

 You now have a password secured network.

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