How Do I Secure My Belkin Router From Neighbours?

I am positive we have someone else using our internet connection. The usage we have way exceeds what our family uses. I have a Belkin router how can I make it secure so others cant access it? Thank you.

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Hye Albert, just make these changes in Belkin router security settings and protect your router from neighbors -

1.First of all, launch your favourite web browser and type “” in the access bar to access Belkin router web interface.

how to secure Belkin router

2.To login into Belkin router web interface, just type “admin” in the username field box and don’t type anything in password field box. After this, press a click on Submit button.

3.After logging, move to Wireless section and tap on Security link that is located in the left pane.

4.Next, move to security mode and set it as “WPA/WPA2-Personal”. Also, choose “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK” in the Authentication box.

how do i secure Belkin router

5.Then move to Encryption technique box and choose “TKIP/AES”. After this, move to Pre-Shared key box and type a password into it.

6.Now, save the new changes by clicking on Apply button.

7.Next, move to Utilities section that is located on left pane and tap on System Settings.

how do i secure Belkin router

8.To secure your Belkin router, you have to enter a password in the “Type in new password” box. Also, enter the same credentials in “Confirm new password” box.

9.At last, just save all security settings.

If you need further assistance for Belkin router then reach out at Belkin Router Technical Support Number and eradicate all technical glitches.

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To secure your Belkin router from neighbours, you need to make some changes in settings.

Let’ s have a look at these points to secure Belkin router -

1.Create a strong SSID – It is suggested by experts to create a strong SSID otherwise hackers can easily hack your router. Also, don’t use default network name like Belkin. Choose a particular name so that no one can bust into your network and also make it invisible.

How do i secure Belkin router

2.Enable WPA 2 – WPA 2 encryption is the best encryption method that you should apply to your Belkin router. This is because it provides the highest level of security protection from malicious threats etc.

how do i secure Belkin router

3.Use Strong Password – When you apply password on your Belkin router then make sure it is unique and contains the mixture of numbers, characters. For future use, also note down the password on a piece of paper.

how do i secure Belkin router

4.Belkin router’s firewall – Firewall is the inbuilt protection system that protects your device from hackers/neighbors. Nowadays the router comes with “stealth mode” firewalls.

5. Turn off UPnP – If UPnP is on then your router can easily establish the connection with other devices and make router as the potential target of hackers. So, it is recommended by experts to turn off UPnP (Universal Plug and Play protocol).

how do i secure Belkin router

6. Enable logging features – To monitor suspicious activity, enable logging features on our router so that you can check all connection attempt details.

I hope after applying these techniques, your Belkin router will become 100%  secured from neighbours. If further assistance is needed then contact Belkin Router Technical Support Number.

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How Do I Secure My Belkin Router From Neighbours?

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