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How Do I Set up Remote Management on My Nighthawk Router?

Hello, Please tell me about how do I set up remote management on my Nighthawk router. I don't know how to setup. So please give me proper solution on Nighthawk router.

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Setup Remote Management on Nighthawk Router:

The remote management feature of the NETGEAR Nighthawk router allows the users to access the admin panel settings over the Internet. With remote access, you can view and modify the router settings as per your needs. In order to use this Netgear nighthawk remote management feature, you should know the WAN IP address of your router.

With the help of the Nighthawk remote management menu of a Router, the user connected to the Internet is able to configure, upgrade and check the status of their Router as per their convenience. What all you can do after the set up of remote management on the Nighthawk router?

  • Allows control to somebody who wants to administer your router configuration.
  • You can troubleshoot someone else's router getting this remote access, say for a friend or a relative.
  • You yourself can administer your router from a remote network.
  • Flexibly configure the router settings via WAN.

Remember by default the nighthawk remote management feature is set to OFF. This is because a hacker might attack or break your router password. So, it is best to keep the Netgear nighthawk remote management settings OFF after use. This ensures that the router cannot be administered from the WAN network.

Important: Ensure that you have changed the admin password for your router to a secure one. Ideally, the admin password should have no dictionary words from any language. It should only contain uppercase and lowercase letters including numbers and symbols for a strong password. The maximum limit of characters is up to 30 characters.

Guide to Setup Remote Management for your Nighthawk Router:

In order to setup remote management for your Nighthawk Router, you can follow these simple instructions given below:

1. Open any installed Internet browser on your computer or wireless device which is connected to the network.

2. Enter http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com into the address bar of the browser window and press on the Enter button.

You will see that a login screen is displayed on your screen. This is the login page of the router.

3. Now, here you can enter the router user name and password into the provided fields.

By default, the user name is admin and the default password is password. Note both the user name and password are case-sensitive.

Now the BASIC Home screen displays on your screen.

4. Click on the Advanced Setup tab under the ADVANCED section of the account page. Here you will get an option as Remote Management. Select that option.

5. Tick the Turn Remote Management checkbox so that the remote settings are enabled.

6. Now, under the Allow Remote Access By section, enter the external IP addresses which you think should be allowed access to the router's remote management:

Note: For an improved and enhanced security, prevent or stop the external IP addresses from accessing the remote management settings.

Choose any one options out of these three:

  • If you want to allow remote access to a single IP address on the Internet, then select the Only This Computer radio button. Further, specify that particular IP address which has to be allowed access.
  • In order to allow access from a range of IP addresses on the Internet, you have to select the IP Address Range radio button. To specify the range of IP addresses, enter the beginning and ending IP address and define the allowed range for remote access.
  • And if you want to allow router's remote access to everyone over the Internet, means allowing access to any IP address on the Internet, select the Everyone radio button.

7. Finally, enter the port number which is required to access the web management interface of the NightHawk router.

Normally, most of the web browser access and use the standard HTTP service port 80 for asking services from the server. As a better security option, you can enter a custom port number for the remote web management interface. Select a port number from 1024 to 65535, but remember not to use the number of any common service port. By default, it is 8080, which is a common alternate for HTTP.

8. Click the Apply button to finish the setup for remote management for Nighthawk router. Your changes are now saved and implemented.

Know How to Use Netgear Nighthawk Remote Access?

Once you know the WAP IP for your router, you can now enter the router's WAN IP address into the address bar of the browser or location field followed by a colon (:) and the custom port number.

Let's say if your external address is and you use port number 8080, then type it as in your browser's address bar and get remote access to your Nighthawk Router.

Note: You can also enable Netgear nighthawk remote access on your router using the Nighthawk app. With the help of Nighthawk app, you can set up cloud access for the router so that you can get remote access to manage your router’s settings via iOS or Android device. Just remember that you are locally connected to your router for getting remote access permissions.

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