How to Configure DLink Wireless Router Dir 600L

How to reset DLink router? because i set my configuration on DLink router as an access point instead of router. And now the my DLink router does work.

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Configure DLink Router dir 600l :

Launch your internet browser (Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome etc)

Step 1 : Go to (or type on the url address box)

Step 2 : You should see the webpage of the D-link Log-in Page.

Type in the following defaults:

--> User Name: admin

--> Password:

--> Press the "Log In" button

Step 3 : Click Manual Internet Connection Setup button on the bottom of the page.

Step 4 : Choose your internet connection type under My Internet Connection Type is.

--> Dynamic IP (DHCP) - Automatic Connection.

--> PPPoE - User Name and Password.

--> Static IP - Fixed IP.

Step 5 : Click the Clone your PC's MAC Address button on the bottom of the page.

Step 6 : Click Save Settings on the top of the page.

Step 7 : Time to configure your Wireless Network Settinsg.

Step 8 : Click Wireless Settings on the Left Column.

--> Click the Manual Wireless Network Setup button.

Step 9 : Change the Wireless Network Name / SSID to any name of your choice (Example: MyWifi).

Step 10 : Change the Security Mode to WPA-Personal.

Step 11 : WPA Mode select Auto WPA or WPA2.

Step 12 : Cipher Type to TKIP and AES.

Step 13 : Under Pre-shared Key enter any 8 to 63 character alphanumeric password.

Step 14 : This will serve as your Wifi Password. Make sure to take it down so you won't forget.

Step 15 : Click Save Settings button on the top of the page.


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