How to Connect iPhone to Linksys Wireless Router

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect iphone to linksys wireless router. I am not able to connect it. Help me.

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Connect iPhone to Linksys Wireless Router:

iPhone is a connected series of smartphones invented and marketed by Apple Inc. Every generation of the iPhone makes use of Apple's iOS mobile operating system software. The first-generation iPhone was made public on June 29, 2007; after that, more than a few original hardware iterations by way of new iOS releases have been announced.

These days, the iPhone® is an extremely popular device as it backs the most up-to-date wireless technology. As a result, the general public can browse the internet, download files, and stream videos with extraordinary rapidity.

With the help of a wireless connection, you can have benefits like:

a-Easy and swift exchange of ideas.
b-Superior show biz activities.
c-Internet connection at no cost.
d-Simple usage.

However, be informed that before connecting your iPhone to Linksys Wireless router, you must be ready with the following facts:

a-Wi-Fi name
b-Wireless security mode
c-Security key (password/passphrase)

Also, be alert to the fact that the Wi-Fi password is not the same as the router's password. In case you don't possess your wireless settings, gain access to your router's web-based setup page.

If you would like guidelines to get back your wireless settings, click

Linking Your iPhone to the Wi-Fi:

If you would like to learn how to connect an iPhone to the Wi-Fi via video instructions, click

Step 1: To start connecting your iPhone to Linksys wireless router, hit the Settings icon on your Home screen.

Step 2: Hit Wi-Fi.

Step 3: In the beginning, ensure that Wi-Fi is turned ON.

Step 4: After that, tap your router's Wi-Fi name.

Be aware that this case makes use of linksyssmartwifirouter.

A brief word of advice in case you are perplexed that the 5 GHz networks are undetectable on the list. This obscurity is due to the capacity of the iPhone versions (before the iPhone 5) to pinpoint only the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. It takes account of your 2.4 GHz Guest network (if it is permitted on your Linksys gadget).

Step 5: Type in your router's wireless security key or password before hitting Join.

In case the Wi-Fi is unsecured, your iPhone must be capable of joining it automatically after hitting the Wi-Fi name.

At this point, be aware that your Wi-Fi security key or password is case-sensitive. In case you come across the error message Incorrect password for "linksyssmartwifirouter," hit Dismiss before typing your password for a second time. At this point, your iPhone must be capable of gaining access to the internet.

A Few Additional Things to Keep in Mind:

In case you face difficulties connecting your iPhone to your Linksys wireless router attempt the steps that are coming up.

  1. In case you are joining the Wi-Fi with WEP encryption, first type in the "$" sign; after that, enter the network key.
  2. If even now, you are unable to hook up to the Wi-Fi, first, modify your router's security mode to WPA™ or WPA2™ Personal. Later on, write down a password that you can remember without difficulty.
  3. Examine the AirPort® icon in the top left-hand side of the monitor for the signal strength of the link between your router and your Apple gadgets.
  4. If you can't network with the secured Wi-Fi in spite of typing in the precise security key or password, carry out trials. Do this by first switching your Apple devices OFF and after that, switch them on.
  5. Additionally, you can take a crack at disabling the network security settings in the beginning and after that, relink your Apple gadgets to the network.
  6. The minute you join the Wi-Fi, establish your router's wireless security settings for a second time.
  7. If you come across the Unable to join the network error message, it can indicate that either the Wireless MAC Filter feature of your router is enabled, or the DHCP Server is disabled.
  8. You must ensure that the Wireless MAC Filter of your router is disabled and the DHCP Server is enabled in order to hook up to the Wi-Fi.
  9. In addition, you can also inspect the wireless settings of your router.
  10. If even now you encounter connectivity glitches, click for more troubleshooting strategies.


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