How to Disable DHCP on NETGEAR Wireless Router?

Hi buddy, I have a NETGEAR router for last 4months but I need to configure my setting so I want to disable dhcp on netgear wireless router and I tried many attempt but unable to resolve. So can anyone have any solution

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You can disable the DHCP server feature on your netgear router by following given below steps:

1. You need to Launch an Internet Browser into your computer or wireless devices that is connected to the network.

2.  Then type http:/, http:/ or you can type yours router's IP address.The default IP address for your Netgear router is login screen is displayed.

3.  Then you need to enter the router user name and password.The user name is admin and the default password is password.

4.  Then you need to select ADVANCED>Setup>Lan Setup.

Netgear Advanced Setup

5. Then you need to clear the Use Router as DHCP Server check box as shown in avobe figure.

6. Then at last you need to Click the Apply button. By following above steps you can disable DHCP server feature on your netgear router.




How to Disable DHCP on NETGEAR Wireless Router?

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