How to Fix NETGEAR Router Orange Light

Hey guys, I'm happily working with NETGEAR router for last 4month but suddenly I have facing orange light problem and I tried to find many ways but unable to resolve it. So can anyone have any suggestion how I fix NETGEAR router orange light problem

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The color of the light blinking in your router represents the reason behind the blinking of the light. Depending on the color, you can detect the problem with the router. Similarly, the orange light blinking on the Netgear router means the router is having issues connecting with the internet or the power source.

The reason behind this connectivity issue could be many things like damaged or loose cables, outdated firmware, interruption during the firmware update process, incorrect router setup, problems with router-modem connection, and signal problems from your ISP.

To fix the issue, you can try updating the firmware, rebooting the router, replacing the Damaged cables, and many more.

Here are Some Steps to Fix Netgear Router Orange Light Problem:

As we all know that a router is a machine and problems can occur at any time in a machine. If on your Netgear router, an orange light is blinking, then that means internet is not working on your Netgear router.

In order to solve this problem, these are some of the things that you can try out.

  • Initially, get in touch with your internet service provider for testing internet connectivity. You can try connecting modem to your PC.
  • If an orange light is still blinking, then that means there is no internet connection. Check your router settings as well.
  • This problem can also be resolved by doing a simple reboot. So, reboot your modem and Netgear router to resolve the issue of Netgear router blinking orange.

Router firmware update

Once you are done with checking the internet connection, then the next thing for you to do is to update your Netgear router to solve the problem of Netgear router flashing orange light.

  • If that is not something you wanna do then you can reset the router.
  • Connect the wire of your Netgear router to a power source. Now, press the reset button and keep on holding it for at least 40 seconds.  
  • Now, reboot your modem and Netgear router.

Setup the router manually

  • Launch your internet browser and enter in the URL section.
  • Enter the username and password and then click on log in.
  • Now, configure the router by yourself by clicking on this option and then click on Next.
  • Launch the page of basic settings.
  • Now to solve the problem of Netgear router blinking orange, select yes when your network connection requires login.
  • Then, select PPPOA.
  • After that, enter the login username that has been given to you by your internet service provider.
  • Now, enable net on ISP and click on apply.
  • Then, go to wireless security and enter your network name.
  • Select the channel 11 and region
  • Select the speed of 108 mbps.
  • After that, enable Wi-Fi access
  • Now, select the box of security type and enter your password
  • Don’t forget your password and username for the wireless network.
  • Apply these changes and reboot your router.

Hope this resolves the issue of Netgear router flashing orange light.

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  •   April 22, 2024