How to Fix Power Issue in Belkin Router

I have a Belkin N150 F9K1009zb Router. I always switch all my equipment off at night so I did last night as well. But this morning, it would not come on again when I flicked the switch on the power socket. I changed the power adaptor but problem is same. Then I used an adaptor with 12v output instead of the 9v that belongs to the router. Then all the lights came on and the thing seemed to work again. It is clearly not the adaptor that is broken but something inside the router does no longer work with a 9v adaptor but does work with a 12v adaptor. Should I keep using the 12v adaptor, have the router fixed or just buy a new one?

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Fix Belkin Router No Light Issue:

Try These Steps to Fix Power Isue in Belkin Router –

1. Carefully unplug the Belkin router from power & disconnect all cables.

2. Check your power outlet and cable of your Belkin Router Power Adaptor.

3. Try changing the power outlet and plug the cable back to Belkin.


Troubleshooting Belkin Router Power Issue –

Please unplug your Belkin router power adapter and modem from the power outlet. Now disconnect the internet cable between Belkin router adapter and modem (Internet Services Provider). After this step, restart your computer and wait for 1 minute. Now plug everything back and turn the Belkin router and modem on.

If the above step is not working to fix power issues then Reset Belkin Router. Doing the Hard Reset on Belkin Router often solves the power issue.

Follow These Steps to Reset Belkin Router:-

  • First, make sure Belkin router is properly plugged on to the power source.
  • Check the Power Switch on Belkin router make sure it's on.
  • Now, look at the back of your Belkin Router you may see a Reset Hole. Press the reset key using any pen or paperclip and hold for 45 seconds.
  • The router has to be plugged into power while you do the reset.
  • Now you may see all lights blinking and after 45 seconds let the reset key go.
  • Restart your Belkin Router and modem and try settings up Belkin Router just like a new router.

I hope this Belkin router troubleshooting tips will help to fix Belkin router no light issues.

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  •   June 8, 2022