How to Lock D-Link Wireless Router?

I noticed that my connection is unlocked. I know you can lock it so nobody can wi-fi off of you ( free internet). I have a D-Link. I have had it almost a year Thanks

Secure D-Link Wireless Router:

Hye Bailey! In the present scenario, it is very important to secure your networking device otherwise complex problems can arise. If you have not applied any security settings till now, then don’t think too much, just follow all instructions that are described how to secure Dlink wireless router.

Let’s see how to secure Dlink router in an easy way -

Step 1: Firstly, open any web browser and type “” in the address bar to navigate to the Dlink wireless router web page.

Step 2: Now, you are redirected to the Administrator login prompt where you have to enter login credentials. Make sure you are entering accurate values in the respective fields otherwise you can’t enter into Dlink web page.

Step 3: In the username field-box, type “admin” and don’t enter anything into the Password field. If you have previously modified Dlink login information then you have to enter that one.

Step 4: After entering into Dlink router setup wizard, tap on “Wireless Settings”.

Step 5: Next, click on the drop-down arrow and choose the option “Security mode”.

Step 6: After this, you have to choose a security mode. If you have any confusion regarding security mode then ask for support by calling on Dlink Wireless Router Security Helpline Number.

Step 7: Now, go to the Passphrase field and enter a complex value in it. Just keep one thing in your mind while setting a password i.e., your password should consist of a mixture of numbers, alphabets, and special characters so that no one can guess your password.

Step 8: Also, enter the same value in the “Confirm Passphrase” field.

Step 9: At last, apply the changes by clicking on the Save button.

If you face any error while using these guidelines then ask for support by calling on Dlink router. Our troubleshooters work for 24 hrs to troubleshoot all glitches of Dlink router. If you need Dlink Wireless Router Lock Help, feel free to call us and grab the ultimate benefits.

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Lock D-Link Wireless Router:

The best ways to do it are a bit "techno" but they're not as hard as you think.

  • The first step is to find the user manual for your router either the one that came with it or on-line on the manufacturer's website. Here are the things you should look into:
  • SSID Broadcasting: You want to turn this off. SSID Broadcasting sends out the name of your wireless network for devices to find it. If it's turned off then you need to know the name of the network before being able to connect to it. (Turn it off change the name now only you know it).
  • Encryption: You want to enable this using (in order of preference) either WPA2 WPA or WEP (Use the best one your devices ie laptop desktop videogame consoles can connect to). This is like adding a password to your wifi network.
  • MAC Address Filtering: Every single wifi wireless device has what is called a MAC Address which is kind of like a name or ID. If you use MAC Address Filtering you can choose to either only allow specific devices to connect to your network or block specific ones.
  • Gateway Address: Whatever address you used to sign onto the router (usually by default) can and should be changed.
  • Router Sign-on:Change the sign-on user name and password on your router so that only you can go back in and change settings if need be.
  • Wireless GUI Management: This goes by different names but it comes down to only allowing router setting changes to be done through a wired/ethernet connection. Ideally you would take all of these steps but any of them will get you an extra layer of privacy and security.
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How to Lock D-Link Wireless Router

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