How to Login to the Linksys WRT32x Router

Hello, Please let me know about how to login to the Linksys wrt32x router. I bought this Linksys wrt32x router but don't know about it how to login int Linksys router.

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Login to the Linksys WRT32x Router:

This router uses an amazing prioritization engine to offer a great solution for online gaming. It has been developed using an enterprise-grade hardware for delivering the fastest wireless and wired speed for the network.

This article will give you the knowledge of how to login to Linksys wrt32x router using a smartphone, tab, or a computer system.

Before You Start:

  • Please ensure that an internet connection that an internet service provider offers is working in a proper manner.
  • In case you are replacing your present router, then the first thing that you need to do is to disconnect it.
  • Prepare the new settings of your wireless router. The default username and password of your router are mentioned on your router’s bottom.
  • In case you are using a DSL connection, then your password and username must be ready.

In Order to Login to Linksys WRT32x Router, These are Some of the Steps That You Need to Follow:

Step 1: Prepare and identify your router for setup.

Modem only: In case you have a stand-alone router and a modem, then remove and disconnect your old router.

If you are using an all in one router modem

Step 2: Connect your router’s antennas.

Step 3: Now to login to the Linksys wrt32x router, take an ethernet wire and connect it to your router’s internet port. Link the other end of the ethernet wire to the modem. Turn on your router and then wait for the light to become solid.

Step 4: In case you are using a mobile phone, then connect it to the wireless network of your router. Enter the wireless password of your router that is written on the label below your router.

Note: In case you are using a computer system that is hard-wired, then connect your ethernet wire to any of the ports on your router and then connect the other end of the wire to the computer system.

Step 5: Now login to the Linksys wrt32x router, open your internet browser and then enter the IP address In the location bar and then press enter.

Step 6: Click on next for starting the setup wizard.

Step 7: Take a look at the terms and conditions page and then tap on agree.

Step 8: Go down to tap or click on next.

Step 9: The wizard is going to check the network connection.

In case it detects DSL connection, then you will have to enter your DSL connection.

Step 10: The wizard will also look for all the available updates for the router.

Step 11: Create the SSID name and then enter the password.

Step 12: Create the admin password of your router and then enter optional administration password and then tap on next.

Step 13: Now login to the linksys wrt32x router, connect it to the new SSID name of your computer system.

Note: In case you are using a computer system that is wired to the router, then just tap on next. In case you are using a wireless device, then the Next button is only going to appear if you enter the SSID name.

Step 14: Enter your e-mail address for registering the router. Now, tap on next.

Step 15: Tap on done for closing the screen.

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