How to Set Up a Linksys Wireless Router with a DSL Modem?

How do I install a Linksys wireless G router to my existing DSL modem. I'm kind of new at this so I really need to know what wire goes where.

Set Up a Linksys Wireless Router with a DSL Modem | Linksys DSL Modem

How easy it is to setup a Linksys Wireless Route with your DSL modem only if you are a home user. Try to setup yourself is good by manually. If a router user wants to share an internet connectivity at high-speed to several devices with your wireless Linksys router then you must need to setup the Linksys wireless router with a DSL modem.

Moderately this process is fairly simple and easy. Although if setup is not properly it makes users lots of frustration. Warning: Before starting the steps of setup first it requires to make it activate your DSL internet service along with high speed.

Below We are Programming Steps to Setup a Wireless Linksys Router with DSL Modem as:

Equipment needed to setup Linksys Wireless Router with a DSL Modem are as follows:

  • --> High-Speed DSL internet service.
  • --> NIC (Ethernet Network interface card).
  • --> Ethernet Cable.
  • --> DSL Internet Service type.
  • --> DSL internet service along with username and password.

Step-1 First of all power off your DSL modem and disconnect all the connections of your Linksys wireless router of its power adaptors. If your DSL modem is connected with your computer device disconnect it.

Step-2 At the back of your computer there is an Ethernet NIC port insert it an Ethernet cable. And the other end of an Ethernet cable get attach to the numerous ports which is available at the back of the Linksys wireless router.

Step-3 An internet or as WAN port which provides at the back of your Linksys wireless router insert the other Ethernet Cable into that WAN port. And also connect the other end of this cable to the DSL modem on the back of the port.

Step-4 Now get your DSL modem power on and try to reconnect your Linksys wireless router and a computer. After turning your PC device open your any web browser window. Type IP address in the URL as and hit enter.

Step-5 In the given setup tab choose the Basic Setup link. Besides in the drop down menu there is column of internet connection type choose for which kind of DSL internet connection you are using at present.

Check your connection type with the help of services provider. If you unable to reach DSL connection protocol can connect via the internet. Then choose Automatic Configuration- DHCP.

Step-6 At the top of the given Linksys setup page enter username along with password that able to connect with DSL modem. Now scroll down the router setup page and apply to save your settings.

Step-7 Then open a web browser and it can recently attempt to connect with an internet. Now your DSL internet service can enables to connect with every computer on your network. This completes your setup with DSL modem.

These steps are so simple and easy to understand by following instructions step-by-step. Users who are using Linksys wireless router can go head to setup their router with modem by its own.


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How to Set Up a Linksys Wireless Router with a DSL Modem

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