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How To Setup Belkin N300 Wi-Fi dual band Extender?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Belkin N300 wi-fi dual band extender.I bought this Belkin N300 extender but don't know about setup it.

Setup Belkin N300 Wi-Fi dual band Extender:

  • UnBox Your Belkin Range Extender And Plug It to the Power .
  • You Can Also Setup Your Belkin Range Extender without Any Extra Ethernet Connection.
  • As Soon As You Plugged Your Extender To Power Outlet You Will Get a Extra Wireless Network name ( Belkin.setup ) In Your Network List .
  • Please Connect With Belkin.setup Network.
  • Open The Browser Or Go to belkin Extender setup page
  • Good luck
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Setup Belkin N300 Wi-Fi dual band Extender:

This will show you how to setup Belkin router manually and connect your computer to the wireless network. You can always use installation CD for configuration if that fails you go through the manual process.

Basic Step Before Proceeding with Any of the Troubleshooting Steps Lets Power-Cycle Modem and Router:

Step 1 : Unplug the power cord of your Internet Modem.

Step 2 : Power off the router by unplugging the Belkin router from the power outlet (electric wall socket) as well (IMPORTANT: Leave both the devices off for at least 60 seconds).

Step 3 : Then power on Internet modem first by plugging power cord back in and wait for 60 seconds until all the lights getssteady.

Step 4 : Once you see all the lights lit onthe modem power on your Belkin router by plugging the power adapter into anelectric outlet.

Now see if you can access internet if not reboot your computer and check for internet connectivity. This is the easiest workaround to fix any modem-router issues.

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How To Setup Belkin N300 Wi-Fi dual band Extender

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